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Last Updated: 1/8/15

Events Wizard: Serving

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The Serving tab is where you can schedule your volunteers to help out at events. Before we go any further let's define some terms.  By "Positions" we mean a job that someone will perform at an event.  For example, for your Greeter Ministry, you may have someone working the Front Door welcoming people as they enter the church.  "Front Door" would be a position that you need to schedule.    "Involvement" in a ministry refers to whether someone is part of a ministry team.  We recommend a few simple involvement codes like "leader" or "member."  A ministry team member can serve in different positions at each event.  Positions are based on the activity of a particular event.  Involvement is an ongoing commitment level to a ministry or small group.   So the Event Wizard lets you schedule people into positions.   If you need to adjust who's in a ministry (or small group) you can do that on the People screen or Administration screen.

People serving at this event...

There are 3 ways to schedule people:

1. You can add positions that need to be filled first. Click the button "Add Open Position."  Keep clicking this button for all the positions you need to fill.  Then click in the Position column on the first row and select a position.  Go to the second row and selection another position and so on until you have all the positions listed.  Now you can go back and select people to fill those positions.  Click on the people icon at the beginning of the row and select a name from the list.  If you want to leave a position open because you need more time to recruit someone to fill it, that's fine.   Database will save an open position as a reminder of open slots.

2. You can select all the people first, then assign positions to them second.  Click the button "Add People to this List"   See next section.

3. If you are scheduling an event based on a small group, ministry, class or service and this is the second time or more that you've done an event like this, you will be prompted to grab a list of people from a previous occurrence of the event.  This method is the fastest way to get a list of people already assigned to positions. 

Add People to this List

Click on the "Add People to the Event" button to open up the group action wizard. To select participants, you can narrow down your search by certain criteria. For instance, let's say you are trying to schedule people for the Nursery.  You probably have a Ministry Team for all the Nursery workers.   In that case select the option "...are in any of these ministries" and select the Nursery ministry team.   A list of people from that ministry will be displayed in the Search Results list.  When you see the people that you would like to use, double click their name or click the arrow to add them to the list of people to invite.   You can also type their name in the "Filter by name box" at the top.   Click the OK button to add all the people to the schedule.   Now you will need to assign positions to each person.

Preview Report

If you want to print out a list of all the people scheduled to serve, click the button "Preview Report"   

Output Wizard

The output wizard is a powerful tool that we have created for Elexio Database that we have added specifically to this tab of the events wizard. 

The Output Wizard allows you to quickly and easily print quick mailing lists, labels, envelopes, and/or name tags. It’s also very helpful for creating a spreadsheet, doing a mail merge or sending emails to attenders.

On this screen, for instance, you could use it to generate name tags for everyone serving.   However, if you have Elexio Check-In, use it to print Name Tags when people check in to serve.

For more information, see our article on the Output Wizard.

Edit Serving Positions

You may need to add/edit positions on your pick list.  You can add positions specific to each ministry team.  We encourage you to attempt to add as many of  them as you can before your start making events.  You might want to discuss this with your staff so that everyone is using consistent and commonly understood terminology.    

  • Open the "Serving" tab
  • Click on "Edit Serving Positions"
  • Click on the "New" Button
  • Enter a name for the position, click Ok
  • Select the ministry with which the position is associated
  • Click Save

The position has now been added to the list of possible serving positions. You can always come back and edit the position details later by clicking "Edit Serving Positions" and selecting it from the drop-down list. Click New again to add another position.

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