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Last Updated: 3/13/13

Events Wizard: When

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The "When" tab of the Event Wizard is very important for setting the event start and stop time.  It also allows you to allot time for setup and tear down. Setting the recurrence options can have significant impact. 

"When does this event start and end..."

For each event, you must select a start date and time, as well as an end date and time. Your official start and stop times will be used in publicity and will display on the calendar as a solid color. 

You can also choose to make the event and all day event by checking the box shown above. This will remove the start and end time options. You will still need to select a start and end date, as well as add any setup or tear down time you may need.

"Do you need to reserve extra time for setup and tear down..."

Events usually require time beforehand to prepare and time afterward to clean up. We have factored that into our Event Wizard. You can add additional time for setup and tear down to any event by entering the number of hours and minutes needed. This buffer time will display around your event on the calendar in a lighter color.

This is an important thing to consider especially when reserving rooms and resources. For instance, if events are booked back-to-back in the same room, it will be important to allot this extra time for transition.

"How often should this event occur..."

This option allows you to set up an event to repeat every day, week, month, or year. This is called "Recurrence" and it has a significant impact on how your event will be handled.

When you change the recurrence to something other than "Once," the standard date controls shift down next to the box, adding some additional options.

Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly

Selecting these options will cause the event to occur on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. The day on which the event is repeated is determined by the first date of the event. For weekly, it will repeat on the same day of the week, for month, the same day of the month, and for year, the same day of the year.

Monthly (Advanced)

Selecting this option gives you the added ability to repeat an event with a more specific pattern. For instance, you could repeat your event every 2 months on the 3rd Monday of the month.

NOTE:  From this tab forward all the setting you change will apply to the whole series of events.  If you need to change things like who is attending or serving for specific occurrences, then you will need to open those Event occurrences from the calendar one at a time.

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