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Last Updated: 3/31/14

Events Wizard: Where

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"What Rooms or Locations will this event use..."

Pick where the event is going to take place. Rooms are organized by campus since Amp supports multi-site churches. Expand a Campus group to reveal the available rooms.  Select the room where you would like to hold the event.  You can select multiple rooms.

To use a Campus address that is not the Main Campus, you will need to create an Offsite Location for that campus.  You will then select that Offsite Location AND the Room associated with that campus.  This will allow for the address to properly display in Event emails, Portal, Mobile & Website.  

Certain rooms may need approval for use. See the example shown above.  The Approval Status column will show you whether a room requires authorization.  Hover your mouse over the status and you will see a pop up tip showing who is authorized to approve your request.  We make the approval process easy.  An email notification will be sent to the necessary parties to approve or deny your request for the room.   All they have to do is click approve in the email and it's done.   Of course they can open the event wizard in Database and approve it here too.  Of course if you are authorized to approve the requested room, you get instant approval!

You can add Comments to your room request.  Just click on the comments box and a larger window will open so you can enter things like special instructions for room setup or clean up.

You can also add a Description to your room(s).  Click on Edit Rooms, select the room & type in your description.  The room Description field is a great way to let others know about the room or limitations.  *Exp. Room is L shaped, room can only be used for classroom style set up, room can accommodate a maximum of 4 large round tables, etc. 

If the room you want is already booked you will not be able to select it.  However, rooms can be double booked IF the Room is setup with this option.  See below.  You might have some rooms or areas of the building that are so large, it's ok to have more than one event going on at the same time.   The example above shows that the Blue Room is double booked because it has a blue icon to the left of the checkbox.  Hover your mouse over that icon to see what other event(s) is(are) using the room during this time period.

If you don't find the location or room that you are looking for, or if the location information is not correct, you can edit and add items to those lists by clicking Edit Rooms or Edit Locations. See below for examples.

Add or Edit Rooms

Setup a new Room with a name, description, campus, quantity limit, ability to be double booked. Assign an owner and decided whether to require approval of the room from any staff, one staff, or no one.

To add Rooms

  • Click on the "New"  button
  • Name the room, click Ok
  • Select a Campus
  • Add any other pertinent information with the options given. 
  • Click Save

The room has now been added to the list of possible rooms. You can always come back and edit the room details later by clicking "Edit Rooms" and selecting it from the drop-down list. Click New again to add another room.

To edit Rooms

  • Select the room you wish to modify from the drop-down menu
  • Modify the description, campus, approval and contact person as needed
  • If you wish to rename the room, click Rename
  • If you wish to remove the room entirely, click Delete
  • When you are finished, click Save

"In order to reserve this room, require approval from..."

No one (first come, first served)

Rooms with this option selected will not need approval and will appear on the list of rooms as such.

Anyone in this ministry

Rooms with this option selected will need approval from anyone in the selected ministry (Ex. "Set Up" ministry) and will appear on the list of rooms as needing approval.  You may want to create a special ministry for this purpose if needed.   Just keep in mind that anyone on the ministry will be notified of every room request and asked to approve it. 

Selected People

You can hand pick a list of people authorized to approve the use of this room.   Just keep in mind that every request for the use of the room will generate an email to every person on the list.  The first response to the request will win.  So if two people are authorized to approve the request, the first one to respond to the email will win, regardless if the second person to response did not match the first person's answer.  People will not be able to publicize their events until the room is approved. 

"Email a notification every time this room is requested or approved to..."

This option exist for notifications only.  It has nothing to do with approval.  This option is helpful for informing the custodian when a room will be used so he/she can make sure it is setup or cleaned properly.   You may want to inform the sound techs if someone wants to use the worship area.  A notification is sent every time the room is requested and again when it is approved. 

No one

When rooms with this option selected are chosen for an event, no one will be notified other than the person(s) who may need to approve its use.

Selected People

Email notifications can be sent to a hand picked list of people.  Obviously you should make sure that any people you select have an email address on their record on the People screen.

Add or Edit Locations

You can add off-site locations.  Setup a new Location with a name, description, address, contact person, and contact information. Enter the contact information for the person or location. You also have the option to check the location on a map with the "Map It" button to make sure that you have entered the correct information.  It is very important to enter an address so that the location will show up on Google maps in all the publicity.

To add Locations

  • Open the "Where" tab
  • Click on "Edit Locations"
  • Click on the "New" Button
  • Enter a name for the location, click Ok
  • Click Save

The location has now been added to the list of possible locations. You can always come back and edit the location details later by clicking "Edit Locations" and selecting it from the drop-down list. Click New again to add another location

To edit Locations

  • Select the location you wish to modify from the drop-down menu
  • Modify the description, contact info, website, and address as needed
  • If you wish to rename the location, click Rename
  • If you wish to remove the location entirely, click Delete
  • When you are finished, click Save

Limiting Room Capacity

A room can have a capacity limit setting that limits the number of people that can check into the event. In addition you can create an overflow sequence among rooms associated with an event. To set up an overflow sequence, click the Options button on the Where tab of the Event Wizard and select Show Overflow Options.

Then assign the order in which rooms should overflow once their capacity is reached. Please note that all rooms in the overflow sequence (except the last one) must have a room capacity set.

You can also set multiple rooms to the same overflow value to handle load balancing. Every attempt will be made to assign attendees to the correct room based on these settings. However, preference will be given to households when assigning rooms. This means that people in the same household checking into the same event during the same check in transaction will always be checked into the same room. This may result in a room being slightly above capacity.

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