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Last Updated: 9/4/14

Event and Attendance Reports

The Event Wizard Attending Tab

The attending tab will keep a record of people who have registered and paid for the event (if payment is required).  Registrations can be recorded manually on this screen by click the button labeled "add people to the list". After clicking this button you will be prompted for default attendance/registration status (required), a default reason (not required and typically used only when indicating a declination) and an amount paid (required but can be set to zero)

If the event is set to allow registrations from Elexio Mobile and Portal (this setting is on the publicity tab), then the list that appears on the attending tab will show all attendees in all statuses from all sources (manual adds as described above, mobile and portal).

If the amount paid is less than the registration fee set for the event the Elexio Event Wizard will automatically calculate the balance due. To see a detailed list of payments made click the question mark icon that appears on each attendee line. This full and partial payment information can also be seen on the people screen, event attendance tab.



Payment Visibility & Additional Payments

In the database event wizard the Attending tab will show everyone that has completed the form and registered for the event.  The total amount paid compared to the event cost itself and the resulting balance will be shown in separate columns.  This information will also be visible on the attending tab of a person's record.  To see details of individual payments that make up the total amount paid,  click on the dollar sign icon in the grid and you'll be presented with an additional sub-detail grid that shows individual payments and corresponding dates.

The sub-detail grid can also be used to record a payment. Select "Add New" and indicate Manual Payment or Credit Card Payment, 

Event Reports

FCR3211 - Attendance Summary:  This report will show a total number of people by registration status by event for a selected date range. This report is very helpful for seeing attendance trends esp. if the same type of event is selected. This is an FCR report with MANY options for formatting the data. 

- replaced:

  • FCR3201 - Class Attendance Summary
  • FCR3203 - Ministry Team Attendance Summary
  • FCR3205 - Service Attendance Summary
  • FCR3207 - Small Group Attendance Summary
  • FCR3209 - Special Event Attendance Summary.

FCR3212 - Attendance Details: This report will show a list of people who attended selected Events over a selected date range. This is an FCR report with MANY options for formatting the data.

- replaced:

  • R1079 - Class - Attendance Roster
  • R1109 - Event Roster
  • R1114 - Small Groups - Attendance Roster
  • R1260 - Ministry Teams - Attendance Roster
  • R1319 - Service - Attendance Roster
  • FCR3202 - Class Attendance Detail
  • FCR3204 - Ministry Team Attendance Detail
  • FCR3206 - Service Attendance Detail
  • FCR3208 - Small Group Attendance Detail
  • FCR3210 - Special Event Attendance Detail

In these two Field Chooser reports, you can select the event type that you want to report on, date range - which will automatically populate your event choices with those that occurred within the date range you selected. Pick date range, pick events, run it.


FCR 4100 - Event Payments - This report is not limited to displaying data collected on forms.  It is designed to analyze all payment data related to an event including payments made by forms, manually or when simple registration is used.


Other Event and Attendance Reports on the Reports Tab

Below is a list of the current line-up of event reports as well as a brief description of what they do.

  • R1006 - Attendance Summary: This is a powerful crosstab type attendance summary showing the total number of people present.  The total numbers are displayed in columns for each date that an event occurs.
  • R1113 - Small Group Tally sheet:  this report allows you to print a chart that can be used to manually check who was present at a group.
  • R1010 - Attendance Presence/Absence: This report will show a list of people who attended a selected event, how many times they attended the select type of event and the date of their last attendance at ANY event.   It can also show who was NOT present at selected events.
  • R1018 - Attendance - Weekly and Occurrence History: This report is designed to show a person's pattern of attendance for a selected period of weeks (2 - 36 depending on paper size selected) for selected services, small groups, ministries, classes or events.  For example, if you want to see who's been attending a particular small group, you'll see all the group members listed on the left side and a column for each week (sorted oldest to newest) for the selected period of weeks. The letter P will be shown if the person was present and the letter A if there is a record for their absence.  It will be blank if no records exist which means they were not present.
    • *note - hovering over the Quick Filter options will display a Tooltip with additional information on the function of those options
  • R1017 - Absentee  List: This report is designed to show a list of people who have been absent sorted by an increasing number of weeks.    People who have missed only last week are shown first.  Then people who've been missing 2 weeks in a row, then 3 weeks and so on.   The report can be limited to a minimum and maximum number of weeks missing.   This report is helpful to see who has stopped attending. 
  • FCR3701 - Rooms and Resources Pending Approval: This report shows which rooms and resources need approval.  We highly recommend you create an Automated Process that sends this report to people responsible for approving Rooms or Resources.
  • FCR3702 - Rooms and Resources Preparation: This report shows which rooms and resources need prepared for an event.
  • FCR3705 - Event Resource Summary: This report shows a summary view of the rooms, resources, and offsite locations for upcoming events. For a more detailed report, please use FCR3701 or FCR3702.

FCR3705 Sample Entry:

Event and Attendance Reports on the Events Calendar

By right clicking on an event on the calendar you are given the option to edit it, copy it, stop the series (if it is part of a series), delete the event or print the event stats report.

The Print option will give you a detail report showing all the info about the selected event.  See example shown below.

You can open an Event with the Event Wizard and go to the Attending tab.  Click the button at the bottom that says Preview Report.  This will give you a nice quick listing of all the people by attendance status (Invited, Confirmed, Declined, etc.) and whether they have paid a registration fee.  

There is a similar feature on the Serving tab.  Click the Preview Report button and you'll get a nice report showing all the people who are scheduled to serve at the event.

Small Group Attendance Reporting through Portal

Group Leaders are able to post attendance for Small Group members through their Portal login > Groups page.  This attendance will then post to Elexio Database in multiple places; People > Attendance & Events page, Event > Attending tab of the event.  If the event was NOT already on the calendar, it will be added when the attendance is posted via Portal.  

Additionally, any Notes that are added through Portal will be documented on the Notes tab of the event.  You can use FCR3212 to see the attendance information & when the Notes option is selected on the Field Chooser tab of the report any applicable notes will be included on the report.  *Please note that the event Notes are not treated the same as the Personal > Notes on a profile. 

Special Reports Available with Custom Registration Forms

If your event is utilizing a custom registration form, additional reporting options exist. Learn more about custom form reporting at Managing Form Payments & Results.




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