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Last Updated: 3/14/13

Using the Events Calendar

The calendar functions much like any other digital calendar that you would use. Much like Apple's Calendar app or Microsoft Outlook’s calendar, events are blocked out to indicate duration. You can toggle between day, week, and year views, and use filters to track down specific events. All events that you create appear on the calendar screen. They are color-coded based on the type of event. 

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There are four ways to view the calendar:

Go to Today - this view displays just today's events (see above)

Day - this view displays all the events for the selected day (see above)

Week - this view displays all the events for the selected week 

Month - this view displays all the events for the selected month (see below)

 This little icon indicates that action are required from you

 This icon indicates a recurring event

Rollover Menus

When you hover over an event a pop up window like the one above will appear. It displays the basic info about the event including time for setup and tear down, the rooms needed, and the resources needed. 

This particular example event also indicates that it cannot be published, which means it will not appear in Portal, Mobile, or Website, because it is pending approval for a room or resource.

Right Click Menu

By right clicking on an event on the calendar you are given the option to edit it, copy it, stop the series (if it is part of a series), delete the event or print an Event Summary. This report covers all of the details of the event like this example... 


You can filter the events that display in your calendar using the options in the left hand menu. You may filter by categories or you may use the search bar to look for specific criteria you are trying to locate. We recommend using Month view when filtering to maximize the number of events that can be shown


Using the search filter option allows you to look for events based on information in their title or description. Typing in the search bar filters the visible events in real time. Note: The filter will only sort through events that are visible on the screen prior to your search. 


Filter by event type


Filtering by event type is pretty straight forward. Select the event type(s) you want to display on the calendar by checking the corresponding box. Uncheck the box for any event type that you don't want to display. If you expand a category by clicking the triangle to the left, the events on the Calendar of that event type will drop down. They may then be individually checked or unchecked to display.


Filter by specific criteria


The specific criteria filter functions using the above conditions. By expanding each condition, the corresponding information that is currently in use on the calendar will autopopulate the drop down.

Common Tasks

Add a New Event - Clicking on this option will open the Events Wizard.

Edit Selected Event  - Clicking this option after selecting an event on the calendar will open the Events Wizard with that event's information, allowing you to make changes.

Copy Selected Event - Clicking this option will open the Events Wizard creating a new event with the same information as the event you had selected. This new event can be edited and scheduled separately.

Stop the Series for the Selected Event - clicking this option after selecting an event in a series will bring up a notification telling you that you are about to change the end date for a recurring series and asks if you are sure you want to do it. Selecting yes will remove all events in the series after the one you selected from the calendar.

Delete Selected Event - Clicking this option open a notification asking if you want to delete the event you have selected. If the event you selected is part of a series, you will be given the option to delete that occurrence only or to delete the entire series.

Print Selected Event - Clicking this option will generate a report with vital statistics about the event you selected. See example above.

Print Calendar

Clicking Print Calendar will generate a print-out displaying events in the format in which you were viewing the calendar including any filters you had selected. "Go to Today" or "Day" will show a day view, "Week" a week view, and "Month" a month view.   You will be prompted to give the calendar a title if you wish plus other printing options.

Keep in mind that there are physical limitations to how many events can be printed.  If there isn't enough room on the page for all the events you want to print, then you have two choices:  1) use bigger paper or 2) use more filters to limit the number of events that are showing.


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