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FAQ - Financial Processing Services (FPS)

If we use Elexio's FPS where is sensitive information stored and who has access to it?

With the introduction of our FPS services it is simply a matter of which service is processing financial transactions on the internet. It used to be either your third party merchant account, or now, our provider.  Nothing has changed about where this data is stored.  Elexio has always been securely keeping your sensitive information on its servers for over a decade.   Sensitive info, like credit numbers, is never displayed in our software to anyone after it is initially entered.  Even the person who originally entered it can't retrieve it.  Further, even Elexio's staff cannot access this sensitive data, except for a handful of highly trusted developers who built and maintain the system.

Do you have experience with this?

Elexio has been working with ministries to handle sensitive information securely for over 30 years. With FPS, we are a Merchant Account Provider under Vantiv, another organization with solid industry experience.  We have processed hundreds of millions of dollars over the last decade without any security breaches or failures.

What about PCI compliance?

We are a PCI Level 2 Compliant Merchant Account Provider. And because of our relationships with our clients, you get these benefits without having to jump through hoops for demonstrating ongoing PCI compliance.

What type of reporting does FPS offer and how will I reconcile?

Awesome question, We're glad you asked! This is an area where Elexio's FPS can really shine and offer something that NO OTHER merchant account provider can!

  • The Account Center includes clear, simple reports for any FPS users. (These will be used most by those who don't have Database.)
  • For Database users, in addition to all the normal contribution and event registration reports that Database has always offered, there are several reports specific to Elexio's FPS. If your church uses Elexio Database then you will want to use the reports built right into Database (They are in the Financial Processing Services category). These reports can show a history of transactions, refunds, chargebacks, and ACH returns. And because Database and FPS track information separately, every integrated report provides a demonstration of the integrity of the information you are looking at. Check out the deposit statement.
  • Most importantly there is a report that allows your church to see exactly what makes up the deposit and withdrawal you receive each week. ALL the money from all the contributions, event registrations, and sales will come in as the deposit. All the transaction fees, refunds, chargebacks, and ACH returns will come out as the withdrawal. You will see details and a summary of how much of the deposit and withdrawal should be accounted to different funds and/or events.
  • For more on reconciling see the Financial Processing Services menu section on the left and click here

How and when do I receive the money that has been processed with Elexio's FPS?

Every Tuesday we will settle all previously unsettled transactions (both via credit cards and ACH) and you will receive a bank deposit on Friday.  If Friday is a bank holiday then you will receive funds on the next business day.   For example, let's say today is Monday.  Your donors contributed via our mobile app yesterday at church or they gave online over the weekend.  And today you have scanned all your paper checks and elected to have Elexio's FPS process those electronically via ACH---All those transactions plus all the others done online since the last settlement, will be settled and you will see a deposit made in your church's checking account on Friday. 

This means you will see one deposit every week on Fridays (when at least one person has made an electronic donation)!   This makes it much easier for your accountants to reconcile your bank statement to Database rather than having to reconcile a deposit for every day. 

More information is available in our article on ACH Transaction Times.

For an additional $12/month, there is a Daily Processing Option. Each day we will settle the previously unsettled transactions (both credit card & ACH). After initiation of each payment, it should be withdrawn from the donor's bank account 2 banking days later and deposited in your bank account 4 banking days later. A Friday transaction will take 4 days to hit their bank and 6 days to deposit and if there is a holiday on Monday, it will take 7 days to deposit. The deposit schedule would look like this but may be affected by bank holidays:

  • Rec. Monday - Dep. Fri
  • Rec. Tues. - Dep. Mon
  • Rec. Wed - Dep. Tues
  • Rec. Thurs - Dep. Wed
  • Rec. Fri - Dep. Thurs (Sat. and Sun. payments are grouped with this deposit)

If we use Elexio's FPS are there any hidden fees or minimums we have to meet?

There are no minimums and we HATE hidden fees. Check out our simple rate structure (the link will require a login to your Account Center).

Will donors who have already started giving through Portal or Mobile have to do anything?

Nope, they won't even know anything has changed.

Does Elexio's FPS work for churches outside the United States?

We are so sad to say that we can't offer this service to non-US-based churches at this time.  We really want to and we are looking into ways to do this.   Stay tuned.   

Does Elexio's FPS work with Point of Sale (POS) systems?

Sorry, but our FPS is baked into our system and can't be used in other eCommerce or POS systems.  If you are using cash register transactions (bookstores, coffeeshops, etc.) you will need to work with those systems as you do currently. But you can still use FPS for Elexio's online contributions and registrations

What is required for me to get started using Elexio's FPS?

Getting started is super simple. We don't need tax returns or any other crazy stuff. We just need your authorization to enable the service and some basic legal information about your church. There is a very simple form to do all this in the Elexio Account Center. You'll be up and running in about 5 minutes.  You must be a business contact on your church's account.

How do I process a refund for someone who gave online?

Refunds can only be processed for transactions that have come in electronically through FPS. This is done through the Transaction report in the Financial Processing area of the account center (https://account.elexio.com/financial). If you run the report, you will see that there is a refund button at the end of each transaction line.

How does it handle bounced eChecks and failed online giving?

Credit card transactions get instant feedback about whether or not the charge was successful. Only successful transactions get posted to the Database. With eCheck/ACH, it is not immediate and we get notification later if an ACH is returned. It takes 7 to 10 days on average. FPS then makes a reversing contribution entry on the donors record, adds the correcting withdrawal to the next bank deposit batch, and emails the donor letting them know it was returned. So, in summary, there shouldn't be any work for the church. 

Does it include a virtual terminal?

Yes, you will have access to a virtual terminal for manually processing charges not tied to an individual in your database. But on most occasions when you have a manual transaction to process you would do that right in your Elexio Database on the individual's contribution screen. That's in the same area where you would manually set up recurring contributions for those who would prefer to have you set it up for them.

How do I see all the activity on my FPS?

It's all in the account center or in Database via reports. For account center FPS access you must be a business contact on your account for security reasons. For Database report access you must have access to view contributions. 

How do I sign up?

Click here to sign up (through the Account Center)

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