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Save Time & Money with Financial Processing Services (FPS)

In the past, in order to accept online donations or registrations you had to sign up with a third party (such as Authorize.net or Vanco) for processing the funds and placing them in your bank account. This involved a lot of signup hassle, extra administration and also costly fees.

Elexio’s Financial Processing Services (FPS) is a big change for the better:


Low rates let you keep more of your contributions focused on ministry. 

Fees are charged separately from your contributions and registrations, making it easy to see your costs for any given fund or event.


You know us. We have been partnering with ministries to keep data secure for decades. And our FPS partner (Vantiv) has been a leader in payment processing for over 40 years. And your data integrity shows in clear, uncomplicated reporting.


How much time does your finance team spend reconciling your online payments? This just got way easier.

Reports are accessible anytime in the Account Center. And Database users enjoy the benefits of seeing your contribution and registration income tied right to specific funds and events... all in the same simple report. It reconciles Elexio contributions, merchant fees, and bank deposits in one powerful report. Elexio’s Financial Processing Services are for online contributions, event registrations, and Self Service Kiosk payments. 

What doesn't it handle?

  • If you are based outside of the United States, unfortunately we aren't able to offer FPS at this time.
  • If you are using cash register transactions (bookstores, coffeeshops, etc.) for now you will need to work with those systems as you do currently. But you can still use FPS for your online contributions and registrations

Sign up is simple

All you need to sign up is your bank account info, your Tax ID (EIN) and some basic information about your ministry. You sign up on the same secure Account Center you are already familiar with.

Questions? We have a lot more info on our FAQ page. If you want to talk to someone about FPS contact our support team at support@elexio.com

Log in to Account Center to see our rates and sign up now...

So how much will we save?

To answer that question, you have a little work to do, because most merchant service providers don’t make it easy to tell how much you are paying.

  1. Gather the information listed below
  2. Send it to support@elexio.com

We will get back in touch with you with your specific savings.

Here are the numbers we will need. If you miss any of these, we can’t make a valid comparison:

  1. Combined number of Visa/MC/Discover Transactions for the month
  2. Combined volume ($) of Visa/MC/Discover Transactions for the month
  3. Combined number of AMEX Transactions for the month
  4. Combined volume ($) of AMEX Transactions for the month
  5. Number of ACH (eCheck) Transactions for the month
  6. The TOTAL bill for a month of processing 
  7. Any fees that are billed ANNUALLY (and therefore might not be on monthly bill) e.g.  PCI Compliance fees
  8. Any other fees you pay related to online transactions such as fees from your ChMS provider (if other than Elexio) or PCI compliance fees should be added to the “total bill”.

Thanks! That will give us the specific information on your patterns and volume to make a good comparison for you.

Financial Processing Services (FPS) FAQ page

*Also see other FPS information pages on the menu to the left.

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