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Last Updated: 05/04/2016

FPS Refunds and Account Center Transaction Reports

Processing a Refund

Refunds can only be processed for transactions that have come in electronically through FPS. This is done through the Transaction report, which is in the Financial Processing area of the account center (https://account.elexio.com/financial). If you run the report, you will see that there is a refund button at the end of each transaction line. (Note: refunds cannot be made through the Account Center Virtual Terminal). 

Refund Fees

Please be aware that refunding an e-check (ACH) donation carries a $5.00 fee, and refunding a credit-card transaction carries a .45 cent fee.

Account Center Reports

There are 5 financial reports in the account center under the Financial Reports tab: Batch Report, Transaction Report, Chargeback Report, ACH Return Report, Refund Report. These reports are used primarily for looking up individual transactions and initiating refunds. The weekly "Deposit Statement" report that is used for accounting journal entries is accessed through Elexio Database.   

The Transaction Report shows all charged credit card or eCheck transactions that have been processed within a date range. It is also the report that you can use to give a refund for someone who has given through their Portal account.

Account Access FPS Refund

What each field means

ID - a unique code that identifies only one transaction

Date - the date on which the transaction was made

Status - Approved or Declined

Description - the method by which the transaction was made (Ex. SSK Donation)

Name - the name of the person who initiated the transaction

Type - the type of transaction that was processed

Account - the last four digits of the account or card number that was used to make the transaction

Amount - how much money was donated


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