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FPS Deposit Statement Report (R4004)

We have created a folder of Elexio Database reports for Elexio's Financial Processing Services (Reports > Giving & Finances > Financial Processing Services). There are five reports in this folder: Transactions - R4000, Chargebacks - 4001, ACH Returns - R4002, Refunds - R4003, and Deposit Statement - R4004. 

We anticipate that you will use the Deposit Statement report most frequently to get Financial Processing info.

This report shows all the transactions, refunds, chargebacks, ACH returns, and fees that make up the deposits and withdrawals in each batch you select. Note: Contributions successfully processed in a given week through Monday are deposited in your ministry's bank account on Friday. (For example, if today is Friday, you will receive a deposit from Elexio for all the online contributions made last Tuesday through Monday).


On the report setup screen you are given two filter tabs : Quick Filter and Report Filter.

Quick Filter: (Shown below) This tab allows you to choose which batches you would like to run reports for as well as lets you choose which fields you would like displayed in the report.

Report Filter: This tab functions the same way here as it does in the other reports that use it. More information is available here.

What each field means

Transaction ID - a unique code that identifies only one transaction

Date - the date on which the transaction was made

Name - the name of the person who initiated the transaction

Fees - money charged by Merchant Service Provider to process the transaction 

Description - the method by which the transaction was made (Ex. SSK Donation)

Account - the last four digits of the account or card number that was used to make the transaction

Category - the type of transaction that was processed

Details - what fund was affected

Contact ID - unique identifier in Elexio Database for the person initiating the transaction

Household ID - unique identifier in Elexio Database for the household of the person initiating the transaction

The Deposit Statement

The Deposit Statement is comprised of two sections. The first page lists the overall Withdrawals and Deposits for the selected batch. It will give the number and type of transactions, as well as the fund affected. Sub-totals will be given for each transaction type and the grand totals will be listed in bold.

Shown below are two examples of what the first page may look like. The first example shows a very simple, and perhaps more typical, example of the summary page.

This second example shows examples from each category that this report is capable of displaying.

The second section lists each transaction, refund, ACH return, and chargeback for the selected batch. The examples shown below are test data used to illustrate various types of data the report can display.

Transactions, Refunds, ACH Returns, and Chargebacks are all listed in separate sections. To see any one of these items in its own report, you can use the one of the other FPS reports in Elexio Database.

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