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Last Updated: 4/9/15

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I add a new person to the database?

  2. How do I save data once I’ve entered it?  How and when does it get saved?

    • Information is saved as soon as you click outside a field, when you move to another person’s record, close the screen, or Exit the program.  With Elexio Database you don’t have to click a “Save” button to enter your data.  However, if you really want to force an immediate save, there is a button at the bottom of most screens called “Save”.

    • If you want to undo changes you've made before you leave the field, press the Ctrl Z .  If your changes have already been saved, you’ll either need to type over the incorrect information or delete the record and enter a new one.  

  3.  How do I change a person’s name and move their record to a new household when he/she gets married?

  4.  How do I change the lists in the "Involved As" field on the Involvement link of a person’s record?  My church uses different names than what is given.

    • See Administration: Codes.  Select the code type: Small Group or Ministry Team Involvement Level.  It is very important that when you rename a program code that it's purpose remains the same as it was originally intended.

  5. How do I add my city, state, and postal codes to make data entry easier so I do not have to repeat typing these for each person?

  6.  How do I delete a person’s involvement record in a particular small group?

  7. How do I delete a person’s fax number if they no longer have one?

    • In order to delete any sub-records (phone numbers, statuses, small groups, prayer requests, etc.), you have to click on the X on the right hand side of each sub-record.  You will be prompted to confirm that you want to delete the sub-record.

  8. We call our small groups by another name. How do I change the default to reflect this?

  9. Our church is starting a building program and financial campaign and would like to track pledges.  How do I do this?

  10. How do I send an email to one of our ministry teams?

  11. Where do I record a person’s involvement in missions trips or special conferences?

    1. Go to the Administration screen from the Elexio Database Main Toolbar.

    2. Create a new list on the Mailing List link.  It is recommended to include the date in the name of the mailing list.  You can then track a person’s involvement as well as communicate via email and regular mail with the individuals attending that specific trip.

    3. Go to the People screen, then the Involvement link.  In the upper right hand corner, you will see the Mailing Lists section. 

    4. Add a new row and use the drop down list to select the new mailing list and add the person to the list.

  12. Can I enter my accounts payable, payroll and checking information in Elexio Database?

    • No.  You can enter your "Accounts Receivable” (i.e., contributions), but no other business accounting functions.


    • We feel there are many other great accounting software packages out there like QuickBooks© or Intacct© which are far superior to any of the church management packages that try to duplicate this functionality.  

    • It is very important, however, to integrate your giving records (which is included in Elexio Database) with your database of people.  This lets you know who’s bought into your church, literally! 

  1. I got a message that said my display size was too small when I started Elexio Database.  How do I change my screen size to 1024 by 768, which is the screen size Elexio Database is designed for?

    • In order to see the whole Elexio Database screen without having to use your scroll bars, verify that your video display is set to the optimal Display Resolution which is 1024 by 768 pixels.  If your computer is not capable of displaying this size then you might want to consider upgrading your hardware. The  fastest and easiest upgrade would be a new monitor.  You will notice great productivity gains by being able to see more info on your screen at once.

    • To change your display settings:

    1. Open the Display Properties window by right-clicking on the Desktop and select Properties from the list of options.

    2. Click on the Settings tab to bring it forward.

    3. Change the Color Palette or Colors to High Color (16 Bit) or higher.

    4. Move the Screen Area slide bar until the setting reads 1024 by 768 pixels.

    5. Click Apply to enact the change.

    • Note:  On some systems, if the display settings were changed, you will be prompted to restart the computer for the change to take effect. If prompted, follow the on-screen instructions to restart your computer.

    • If you were not prompted to restart or did not need to make any changes, click OK to close the Display Properties Control Panel.

    • By changing to this resolution, your screen maybe too small to read.  In this case it's time to upgrade your monitor.  See above for suggestion on upgrading.
  1. Our internet connection isn't very strong and sometimes Elexio Database locks up or part of the screen doesn't fully update when I change profiles.  What do you recommend to help?

    • We recommend that you first check the speed of your Internet connection.  Go to http://www.speedtest.net/ and run the test to gauge your upload and download speed.  You need a minimum download speed of 6 mbps and a max delay below 100 (below 220 is ok), in order to use an online connection to Elexio Database.Look at the bottom charts results for the numbers. If your speed is slower than this, we strongly suggest that you upgrade your connection.  You will benefit in many areas, not just with Elexio Database, with a faster speed.
    • If you simply cannot upgrade your connection speed, you may want to run Elexio Database or Elexio Check-In in offline mode all the time.  This will give you great performance and your data will automatically sync with our servers every 45 minutes by default if you are connected to the Internet.

    • Do not even try to run Elexio Database via a dial up connection.  It will not work.  

15. How do I use the Mass Email feature to notify your congregation of their PIN for Elexio Check-In.

To do so:

      1. Go to the Send Email screen.

      2. Select a Type of Email List: Custom Searches.

      3. Select the Specific List: Members (or whoever your criteria is for notifying of their PIN)

      4. Type your Subject: (example) Elexio Check-In PIN.

      5. Type your Message.  The critical parts are the fields in brackets to insert the user name and PIN.  Make sure you enter them exactly as shown in the sample below.  

        In order for you to quickly and easily check into our new Kiosk system, we have issued you a PIN to use.  After you have entered your name into the Kiosk, you will be prompted for a PIN which is listed below.  This PIN will give you access to your entire family once you login to the Kiosk.

        PIN:  [UniqueIdentifier]


        Your Church

      6. Then Click the Preview Mass Email button.

16. Can we send a text message if we are running an offline copy of Elexio Database?

  • No. You are only able to send text messages when your database is online. If you "send" a text message while you are offline, it will not actually go through until you sync your data. We recommend using an online database to send mass texts or to sync right after creating / "sending" a mass text.

17. Can I disable Express Check-in for the mobile application?

Yes. Under Options > Mobile Options, on the General tab, just uncheck the "Enable Express Check-in" checkbox to disable the function in the mobile application. More information about Mobile Options

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