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Last Updated: 3/6/15

Church Information

From the Elexio Database Home Page, click on the Options button and the Church Info tab.  The information on this screen is used throughout the program, especially on reports.  It is important that you fill in as many of these fields as you can. 

Church Information:  This is a place to enter basic information about the church such as the church name, address, phone, email and web address.  This information is printed on many reports especially Phone Directories and Contribution Statements.

Church Start Date:  This field is used to validate data entry for some appropriate fields.  If you aren’t sure when the church started, at least enter a date to the nearest year.  For example if you think the church started in 1975, enter "1/1/1975.”

Data Entry Person:  Enter the name of the person most responsible for entering data into the program.  This person’s name will be printed on many reports as the contact for questions and passing along information that should be captured in the database.

Church Logo:  It is recommended that you use a small 2” x 2” (or less) black and white jpeg, gif or bmp file that will look nice in printed form.  If you use a color printer, you may also use a full color logo.  To link to your church's logo, click on the Change button to browse to the location of your church’s logo.   This image is used on many reports.  We recommend that you select a graphic with your church logo that will be used to customize many reports.  

Contribution Statement:  The text of this field is placed at the bottom of Contribution Statements you mail to those who give to the church.  Sample text has been entered for you.

Seeker Definition:  With this field you can define what the term Seeker means to your church.  This definition is printed on some reports that analyze the church’s effectiveness in reaching non-Christians prior to their involvement with your church.  (The Seeker check box on the General Info link of the People Home is the place to actually indicate a person’s Seeker Status prior to your church.)

Follow Up Process:  This free form text box allows you to specify what your follow up process is for newcomers to the church (particularly 1st through 4th timers).   

Refer to Small Groups as:  You can enter the name your church uses to refer in general to small groups.  Some churches call them "cell groups,” "home groups,” etc.  There are several reports that can be used to advertise your small groups with a database generate list of available groups.  These reports will use the custom name you enter here.

Involvement Goals:  Part of the Purpose Driven process is to facilitate getting your congregation into small groups and serving in a ministry.  If you are diligent about keeping good records on who’s involved with groups and ministries and have entered that information in the database, Elexio Database can tell you instantly what percentage of your church is involved at these levels.  You can set goals for the church so that you can compare how well the church is doing.  For example, it’s your church’s goal to have 50% of all members in a small group and 75% serving in a ministry. 

Print theVital Stats Weekly Report to see the actual numbers compared to your goal. Since this reports numbers in real time, we recommend that you save the report each week if you are interested in making comparisons.

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