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Last Updated: 4/22/15

Data Entry Helps

From the Elexio Database Home Page, select Options and you will see Data Entry Helps. This option allows you to enter other default values and perform some global data changes.

Default Values

Dates:  Choose to use Last Sunday, Today’s Date, or Last Saturday as your default dates in Elexio Database.  The default date will be used for all new entries associated with a date field (e.g. status, contributions, small groups, attendance, offering, etc). You always have the ability to manually override the default and add the date of your choice for the field when you are making entries.

Area Code:  Enter a default area code to be added to a phone number when the area code is not specifically typed and check the box to Automatically Format Phone Numbers.  For example, if you enter a phone number of "1234567” it will be automatically reformatted to "(919) 123-4567” where "919” is the default area code entered.

Pledge Dates:  You can also set default start and end dates for pledges.  This date will automatically appear when entering in new pledges or when printing reports that include pledge information.  You can override this pledge date on a specific screen by typing a different date in the pledge date fields.

Gender:  Set the default gender for new people added to the database. However, the default gender is not used until the third person is added to a household.  The software automatically makes the gender male of the first person added to a household.  The second person added will be female.  Then the third person will be the default gender you select.

New Records:  Select automatic options when adding new people to the database for the Church Newsletter, Directories and Communications.  Make sure any desired boxes are checked.

  • Add people to the newsletter mailing list - automatically adds any new people record to your church's newsletter mailing list
  • Include in directories (Online & Print) - automatically includes any new people record in your church's directory (which can be printed and/or appear online via the Member Portal)
  • Make all communications private - automatically makes any communication (email, phone, etc) you enter for new people records have the box checked to make it private

Other Default Values:  You can also set default values from the Administration page - Codes link.  

Email Default Settings:  See Setting Up Email Accounts.

Advance (or Promote) Age Groups/Grade Levels:  

To advance children from one Age Group to the next Age Group Level, press the button called Advance.  Follow the directions on the screen to promote each age group level to the next level.  When promoting school age children, you will usually want to advance/promote all of them at the same time.  This procedure will only work for children who have been assigned an Age Group on the People screen - General Info tab.

Elexio Database automatically updates the Age Group field for adults (age 21 or older) based on the birth date of the person.  Obviously, this feature will only work for adults that have a birth date entered.

Frequently Entered Cities/States:  

To quickly enter frequently used combinations of city, state, and postal codes, click to Add a New Row in the table at the top and use the same format as the examples given.  While viewing a person's record, simply type one of the abbreviations in the city field, press Tab, and the city, state and postal code will be automatically entered.  The cursor will move to the home phone field ready for you to enter the home phone number.  Enter as many abbreviation combinations as you desire; however, each 1 or 2 letter abbreviation must be unique.

Note: if City/State/Zip Auto Fill is Incorrect:
The auto fill city, state, and zip code feature only pulls information that is already in your data file.  If you enter a city and an incorrect spelling for the city, state, or wrong zip code appears, then you have incorrect data in your database. We suggest that you use a custom search (i.e. cs0054) and add a filter for the incorrect city or zip so you can see a list of people who have the incorrect data.  Once you change their profile to the correct city, state, zip code information, refresh the data file,  and you will see the city drop down options no longer lists the incorrect information as an option.  You may need to log out and back into Elexio Database if refreshing doesn't change the drop down options.

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