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Last Updated: 12/11/14

A Day in the Life of the Elexio Database

It’s hard enough to learn new software.  It can be even harder to use it in practical, creative ways to accomplish your objectives.  The following section is offered as an example of how one church could use Elexio Database to carry out its ministry.

The phone rings and it’s Sue, who’s attended your church for several months now, though you’ve never met her.  She wants to know how she can get involved in a ministry at church.  While you’re talking with her, you pull up her record in Elexio Database.  You ask how long she’s been coming, where she moved from, does her whole family attend, etc.  You capture some of this info in the public or private Notes tab on the Personal link of Sue’s record on the People screen.  For example you would enter:

"6/15/11 – via phone; 'Sue moved from NY last year.  Been looking for a church for months.  Loves our church.  Wants to get involved in a ministry.  She has 3 kids and husband works at IBM.’  MRK” [initials of the person making the note]

You discover from the Prayer Requests tab that she asked for prayer 3 weeks ago regarding her mom, who's been in the hospital.  This gives you an opportunity to ask how she’s doing and to let her know that your staff (or Prayer Ministry Team) has been praying for her. 

Sue tells you she’s interested in the Greeter Ministry Team.  So you go to the Reports screen, select Ministry Teams folder from the sort tree, click on the report called Ministry Team Contact Sheet - R1258, select Greeters from the Ministry Team field options, and run report.  This brings up a list of everyone who serves on the Greeter Ministry Team including the person responsible for following up (Follow Up Coordinator) with new people.  You inform Sue that she can contact Jane Smith, the Follow Up Coordinator and leader of the Greeter Ministry Team, and give her Jane’s contact information.

Sue might be interested in serving in others areas, as well, but isn’t quite sure where.  You ask her if it’s OK to email her a list of all the church’s ministries with the ministry leader’s name, phone, address and email address.  Sue says, "That would be great!”  And you reply, "Give me ten seconds and it will be on its way.”  From the Reports screen, click on the Ministry Teams folder then run the report called Ministry Team List with Follow Up Coordinator and Description - R1339.  When the report appears on your screen, you click on the Send Via Email icon to Email the report directly to Sue.  When prompted for what format to send the report in, select Rich Text Format, press OK.  You’ll be presented with a new email message with the report as an attachment.  Just type in Sue’s email address (which you could copy and paste from Elexio Database) and press the Send button!

You end the conversation by saying, "I’ll be sure to let Jane Smith know you are interested in serving on the Greeter Team.”  After you hang up you, go to Sue’s record and on the Involvement link under the Ministry Teams section you select Greeters from the drop down list and select Interested in the Involved As field.  This will trigger Sue’s name to be included in Automated Processes that sends a report to Jane Smith informing her of Sue’s interest in serving on the Greeter Team and asking her to call Sue to try and recruit her for that ministry.

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