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Last Updated: 11/17/14

A Word to All Church Staff, Especially Pastors

You have made a wise choice in selecting Elexio to help you administrate your church.  The Elexio Database system is the result of years of research and development utilizing the latest web-enabled technologies to help churches grow and thrive.  We want our company to offer the best technology solutions for churches committed to the Great Commission and the Great Commandment.  Period.

We are giving our best to assist you in one of the most difficult tasks on planet earth…leading a church!  If in some way by using this software, you personally as a leader, will be better informed, make wiser decisions, communicate more often and with greater efficiency, respond effectively to increasing requests, and are able to serve an ever growing number of people with specialized attention, then we will have accomplished our objectives because we’ve helped you be a better pastor or administrator. 

For your church, we have spent years dreaming about and developing appropriate technology to target and win lost people to Christ, enable them to find care and community in small groups, help them grow to maturity via classes and other spiritual disciplines, and enlist the masses to serve in meaningful ministry so that God is glorified in the process.

We have focused this software on people because people matter to God … and they matter to you too or else you wouldn’t be serving in a church. 

This leads to a critical success factor of this program. 

Your entire staff should be committed to making sure information about the people in your church gets captured in the Elexio Database or else this software will be of little help to you.  Accurate and timely information about people is the fuel for the Elexio Database engine.  Even though Elexio Database is a web-based system that allows direct access to the church's data by all the people in the church, it still takes leadership by the staff to make sure everyone takes advantage of the system.

So what does this commitment mean in practical terms?

1.      Senior staff must demand and enforce compliance from every area of ministry on sharing information and getting it into one database.

Elexio Database is not a bucket that just collects information so you can print mailing labels.  The Elexio Database is a powerful communication device that drives processes—processes that help your staff and leaders work as a team—but more importantly it can drive the disciple development process of your whole church! 

Lost sheep will be found, new believers will grow, Acts 2:42 community will be established, servants will be mobilized, leaders will be trained and informed--because many people are engaged in your disciple development process which is managed by Elexio Database.  

Here’s just one example of how this has happened at my church.  One Friday morning I sent out a mass email to all the single, adult women who were regular attenders or members at our church, inviting them to a new small group that was starting in 3 days on a Monday night.  The email informed them that we also needed a host for the group, as one has not been finalized.  120 emails were sent based on the above demographic information in our database.  Within hours, 20 women responded that they would love to come to the group and 4 of them volunteered to host.  On Monday night a new small group was born and 20 single women found community in Christ who had not been in a small group before.  We were able to do this because of our commitment to entering good data about people that matter so much to us and to God.

Staff members should not be keeping separate "databases” stored in rolodexes, spreadsheets, rosters, or contact managers like Microsoft Outlook. There is incredible power in TEAMWORK.  So make a commitment to it.

2.      Identify an "Information Champion” responsible for getting data entered in Elexio Database on a weekly (if not daily) basis. 

Preferably, this should be a staff member who has this task as part of their job description!  He or she should be detail oriented, computer literate, organized, and capable of politely nagging other staffers and leaders who aren’t communicating or sharing info. 

The Information Champion should be a good listener who thinks to capture information delivered in many forms like meetings, casual conversation, emails, phone, handwritten notes, etc. 

After every Sunday, the information from welcome cards, attendance rosters, contribution records, sign up forms, or whatever your church uses to gather information about people-- should be entered into Elexio Database.  This could take a couple hours or more every week, but that investment must be made.

You’ll want to track information like births, deaths, weddings, divorces, funerals, hospitalizations, employment, phone numbers & email addresses, prayer requests, baptisms, attendance and commitments made at 101 thru 401 classes, small group & ministry team involvement, and much more . . . All of this carries potential and opportunity for ministry.

They should spend time learning all the features of Elexio Database and become the resident expert on Elexio Database and data issues.  They should look for ways to enhance other people’s ministry by explaining the help that Elexio Database might provide.  They should be looking for ways to leverage the data collected online through Elexio's Member Portal and via Elexio Check-In, the kiosk used on Sunday morning.

3.      Everyone must own the data and be responsible for its accuracy.  

The data is only as good as the effort made to keep it accurate and current by those who need it.  For example, if you get a follow up request emailed to you (sent via our automated processes), then make sure you follow up with that person and then enter the outcome and what steps were taken to fulfill it in the database.  If you don’t know how to do this, that's ok.  Just find someone who does who can enter it for you.  If you print a list of people in a ministry team you lead and there are people on the list that haven’t been involved for months or phone numbers are wrong, get it fixed!  Don’t whine about how the data isn’t right!    It’s your data.  Own it.

There are circumstances where it is necessary to keep a list, roster, schedule, mailing list, etc. outside of Elexio Database, however, make sure it is synchronized with the database concerning all the info that the database tracks.

4.      Make a commitment to learning the system.   You’ll reap great rewards.

As with any new tool, you need to invest some time in learning how to use it.  I have a really great DeWalt XRP cordless drill.  It's a serious "power tool."  I can use that drill without reading or studying anything because it's pretty straight forward.  But if I really want to take advantage of some of the advanced features like the different power settings, battery optimization and different accessories, I really should spend a little time getting to know more about the tool via reading or talking with some experienced carpenters.

Elexio Database was born out of a real world church that started from scratch and grew to nearly 800 people in 4 years.  The church now runs almost 2500 (at last count!).  A great deal of thought and effort has gone into creating software that is easy to use and very practical.  The driving force behind the Elexio Database system is to get real work done, to produce tangible results that really save time and minimize administrative effort.

The time you and your staff invest in learning how to use the software will save hours of manual labor.  Read the User’s Guide and watch the Training Videos!  Experiment.  Attend the Q & A sessions that are offered several times a month.  You can also create a support request ticket by emailing us at support@elexio.com to ask your questions.

If for some reason you aren't pleased with your Elexio Database, please let us know why and give us the chance to make you happy with it.  We can't please everybody, but we'll do our best to express our commitment to serve you and your church.  If there are features you would like to see added or special reports that you need, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We love feedback.  It helps us deliver new and exciting tools to help you.

We hope you enjoy Elexio Database and it becomes an indispensable tool in your church.  You have our firm commitment for years to come that Elexio Database will be the premier system of choice for churches that have a purpose and a process for expanding the kingdom of God on earth.  Enjoy!

-Elexio Implementation Team

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