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Last Updated: 9/25/13

Add People to the Database: Start with Church Staff

Now you're ready to add people to the database - we recommend that you start first by adding your Church Staff Members, then members, then regular attenders etc. Click here to learn how to add new people.

Setting up a Staff Member

In order to make a person a staff member, click on the People tab and select a person on the General Info screen. Under the Additional Information tab (or on the right of the main window on a wide-screen), find the Other Options heading and check off the Staff Member check-box. Among other things, marking someone as a staff member is important so they can receive automated emails sent to "staff." 

Assign Follow UpsThis check-box allows follow up requests to be assigned to this person.

Event Owner: Allows a person to be marked as an owner of an event (under the Events tab). An event owner will receive notifications regarding room and resource approval as well as updates when people sign up to attend or serve at an event.

Last, if you haven't already, fill in your staff member's Status History. (Status History is intended to track a person’s level of involvement or commitment from the first time they attend the church (and even before) until they stop attending. It is key to managing the discipleship and assimilation process of your church). 

The Status History area is found under Information tab (or in the center column on a wide-screen). For more on this key area, see Status History.

Select a Status and modify the As Of date for the individual. (The default is always Last Sunday's date). 

Next: Give your staff a Security Role so they can access Elexio Database. See Setting up User Accounts

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