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Using the Elexio Success Plan tool

The Elexio Success Plan tool helps you efffectively implement your Elexio Database. 

Why bother with a planning tool? 

Failure rates are commonly quoted at 20% to 50% for this type of implementation.

(That's for the CRM -- Client Relationship Management -- industry. A quick web search will verify the issue.) 

We're confident that you'll do better than that... most of our clients do. But if you've chosen to go without Implementation Coaching, your Success Plan will be a valuable resource.

Download the tool based on your specific project:

Success Plan for Database

Success Plan for Database and Check-in 

Success Plan for Database - simple data entered "from scratch" 

Tips on using the Success Plan tool:

  • It's in an Excel spreadsheet format, so use Excel for the best experience.
  • Start by filling in your information on the first page. If you aren't sure of a date, that's fine... just put in an estimate that makes sense for you.
  • After your info is entered, click on the tabs at the bottom to review your Timeline, Task List, and Proficiency Tasks.
  • We provide a limited number of different configurations... pick the tool that's best for you, but keep in mind that some items may not apply to your specific situation, or you may need to change task dates to fit your schedule.
  • After you have (1) Set up your Success Plan and (2) completed the Proficiency Tasks, send us a copy of your Success Plan at support@elexio.com to get a free consult on your plan and project.



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