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Last Updated: 9/2/14

How can we use our database more effectively?

That's a great question! If you have been using your Elexio Database for a while and are wondering about what to do next, here are some ideas on direction from here...

1) Keep in mind that people are the key to making good use of Database

Software can't administrate your ministry. (Though we can make it a lot easier!)The most important factor in your ongoing success is having the right people working together:

  1. You need at least one "Data Champion" who has 
    • A passion for ministry and using data to help it move forward
    • Gifts in administration and a general comfort level with technology (Does  not need to be a "techno-geek!")
    • Commitment to know your ministry, your data, and your database tools.
  2. In the mix of people involved, you also need
    • Leadership to identify priorities and keep everyone working together
    • Data management skills for digging into items like advanced reporting
    • Good tech support for your environment (computers, network, etc.)

This is not typically found in one person. [Insert your favorite sermon on "the church working as a body" here.]

 2) Identify clear goals and priorities

Decide where you want to start and take it step by step. The list and links below will help with the options. Make sure that you set your priorities in sync with the larger leadership picture at your ministry. Start with where you are feeling the pain!

3) Choose an area and move forward

How you can apply Elexio Database in your ministry is literally endless. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Use the online help and support in a targeted way:
    • Look over the list at http://help.elexio.com/videos and select an area that looks like it lines up with your goals
    • Beyond the video help, search for help articles on the same topic.
    • If you aren't sure of the best tool to use for a ministry task, we'd be glad to help in an Question and Answer session or through a Support Request at http://account.elexio.com/help.
  2. Here is a list of common steps taken by ministries in some loose categories to help guide you.

Your Data -

Basic Features-

Stepping it up-

Don't see what you are looking for? Use the search box above to discover where it is hidden (not our intent!) in the Help center.

Don't know what to call something? If that's the case, or if you have any other questions about what's here, open a support request and let us know.

This is a process... don't be discouraged! Administration is hard work, requiring commitment and effort. It's our prayer (literally) that you will use your Database tools to bring exponentially greater results for the impact of your ministry in your community.

Still feeling stuck? Let us know!

We want to help you work through this. Our team can discuss your situation with you and make some recommendations or even set up a series of coaching sessions to help you move forward. Please open a support request or give us a call!

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