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Role-based Learning Plan:

Check In Administrator

Welcome! This set of links to help videos and articles is organized to help you with the topics most important for your role.

About this guide...

  • As you come to sections that don't apply to your immediate situation, feel free to skip through them.
  • Start with the videos: They provide a good overviews, but may not be up-to-date with the latest features we've added.
    Then use the articles for more specific, in-depth content.
  • You will get a lot more out of this by working in the software as you go. If software features aren't available to you it may be related to your security role. Check with your Database Administrator.

Sections most check in administrators should be familiar with:

Basics for Administrators

Administration and Groups of People


Optional, depending on your ministry needs:

Check In

Portal and Mobile App


Basics for administrators

 Topic Video links Articles
The big picture  7 min  A word to all church staff especially pastors
 A day in the life of Elexio Database
Home Screen 15 min  Home page description
People: General  6 min - Adding People

 2 min - Defining People
Searching for people
 General info screen
 Adding a person
 Changing a household
 Deleting a person
Reports 10 min  Reports Overview


Administration and Groups of People

 Topic Video links Articles
 Administration: Codes  4 min - Age Groups
 8 min - Status
 Services  6 min  Services
 Options 10 min - Promoting          Students Promote Students



 Topic Video links Articles

Basic Events

Advanced Events

Event Setup



12 min

13 min

11 min

 Events Quickstart
 Using the calendar
 Event reports
 Multi day events
 Paid events
Attendance 12 min  Attendance and events
 Group action wizard for attendance



 Topic Video links Articles
Check-In install    Getting started

User Account Update
 5 min

 2 min
Check-In Login
Check-In Control Panel
Kiosk Options    Kiosk Mode Overview (plus 19 short articles)
 Kiosk System Options (plus 12 short articles)
Events check in tab    Events check in tab
 Events and Check-In
Offline check in    Database Connections
 Managing Connections
Fingerprint Scanners    Fingerprint Scanning
First Time PIN Setup   PIN Email


Portal and Elexio Mobile App

 Topic Video links Articles
Events in Portal    Events in Portal
Mobile app menu visibility    Mobile User Permissions
App install    Installing On a Phone
Mobile menu item options    Directory


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