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Role-based Learning Plan:

Contributions Entry User

This information will give you a solid basic understanding of how to easily and accurately enter data into your Elexio database.

About this guide...

  • Start with the videos: They provide a good overview.
  • Then use the articles for more specific, in-depth content.
  • Want more? Browse the list to the left, use the search feature above for information on any topic, or watch other videos.


 Topic Video links Articles
 Home screen 15 min Home page description
People - General Info  6 min - Adding People

12 min - Defining              People
Searching for people
General info screen
Adding a person
Changing a household
Deleting a person



 Topic Video links Articles
Contributions Entry 

Advanced Contributions           Entry
12 min

12 min
Contributions Data Entry 
Contributions Overview
Contributions   Administration  3 min

13 min - Check Scanning
Envelope numbers
Check reader

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