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Role-based Learning Plan:

Implementation Administrator

Welcome! Getting your database put to use for your ministry is a big job, but we want to make it easier for you.

About this guide...

  • As you come to sections that don't apply to your immediate situation, feel free to skip through them.
  • Start with the videos: They provide a good overview.
    Then use the articles for more specific, in-depth content.

This guide is organized into seven major sessions.

You can jump to:

Session 1: Planning and Basics

Session 2: Data Transition and People

Session 3: Sets of People and Events

Session 4: IT Environment and communication

Session 5: Check In

Session 6: Member Portal and Elexio Mobile App

Session 7: Maintenance, Automation and Reporting


Session 1: Planning and Basics

Intro and setup

 Topic Video links Articles
 The big picture  7 min A word to all church staff especially pastors
A day in the life of Elexio Database
 Preparing for  Implementation  

Planning for a successful launch


First Install  (login to Account Center required)

Mac Install Instructions

Basics for administrators

 Topic Video links Articles
Home Screen 15 min Home page description
Options 7 min Church information
Data entry helps
People: General

6 min - Adding People    

2 min - Defining People 

Searching for people
General info screen
Adding a person
Changing a household
Deleting a person
Involvement 10 min Involvement
Defining Groups (must read)
Personal 13 min Personal Info
Follow up requests
Prayer requests
Assessments & Background Checks 9 min Ministry Assessments
Background Checks
Reports 10 min Reports Overview


Set up your team and initial settings

 Topic Video links Articles
 Email and church  settings  7 min Set up your email account
Enter your church information
 Your team  4 min Add people to the database starting with the church staff
User accounts
Administration tasks


Session 2: Data Transition and People

 Topic Video links Articles
Data conversion options, info   Data Conversion Tips
Administration: Codes 4 min - Age Groups
8 min - Statuses 
3 min - Funds
Administration: Groups, Classes, Ministries 7 min Small Groups 
Services 6 min Services
Mailing Lists 4 min Mailing Lists
Follow Up Letters and Automated Email 6 min Follow Up Letters
Custom Searches 9 min Managing Custom Searches
Contributions Entry

Advanced Contributions           Entry
12 min

12 min
Contributions Data Entry
Contributions Overview
Contributions Statements
Contributions   Administration 3 min

13 min - Check Scanning
Envelope numbers
Check reader


Session 3: Groups of People and Events

 Topic Video links Articles
 Groups of people

10 min - Promoting Students 

Defining Groups (Required Article - review again)
Promote Students
 Options 11 min Church information
Data entry helps

 Basic Events  

 Advanced Events  

 Event Setup


12 min

13 min

11 min


Events Quickstart
Using the calendar
Event reports
Multi day events
Paid events
Attendance & Admin Weekly Stats  12 min Attendance and offering
Attendance and events
Group Action Wizard  9 min Group action wizard for attendance
Group action wizard
Maintaining groups and mailing lists
Select search mode
Select people
Confirm selection


Session 4: IT Environment and communication

 Topic Video links Articles
Using Macs
(if needed)
7 min  Mac Solution Overview
Updating    Updating
Financial processing    FPS Intro
Online/local options    Options at Login
 Local Network Copy of Your Data
Security roles and best practices 4 min  User Accounts (review)
 Security Roles
Mass Email  11 min  Mass Email Overview
 Sending Options
 Mail Queue
 Pin Email
SMS Text    SMS Texting


Session 5: Check-in

 Topic Video links Articles
Check-In install   Getting started

Check-in: User Account Update
5 min

 2 min
Check-In Login
Check-In Control Panel
Kiosk Options   Kiosk Mode Overview (plus 19 short articles)
Kiosk System Options (plus 12 short articles)
Events check in tab   Events check in tab
Events and Check-In
Offline check in   Database Connections
Managing Connections
Fingerprint Scanners   Fingerprint Scanning


Session 6: Member Portal and Elexio Mobile App

 Topic Video links Articles
 Member Portal setup 7 min Member Portal Setup
 New Portal User   New Portal User
 Duplicate Records   Duplicate Records
 Portal online giving   Online Giving Setup
 Events in Portal   Events in Portal
 Mobile App Setup  and Options 2 min Elexio Mobile App Setup
Mobile Setup Options
 Mobile app menu      visibility   Mobile User Permissions
 App install   Installing On a Phone

Mobile menu item    options

Contact the church
Media Center
Times and Directions


Session 7: Maintenance, Automation and Reporting

 Topic Video links Articles
Team and processes   A Word to All Staff
Your Assimilation / Discipleship Process
Data Maintenance   Routine Data Checks
Merging records 11 min Merging Records
Automated Processes 11 min Automated Processes Overview
Pre-created Auto Emails
Automated Email
Automated Reports
Ministry Assessment and Background       Checks 9 min Shape Ministry Assessment
Background Checks
Secure Search
Report Options 10 min 

5 min
Previewing Reports
Output Format
Output Wizard
Field Chooser Reports 10 min Field Chooser Reports


Congrats... you made it! That's a lot of information to soak up, but it will help you be fully prepared to leverage your data for ministry!

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