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Last Updated: 3/6/15

How to Connect to a Local Network Copy of Your Data with Elexio Database

By default you are connected Online directly to the Elexio Database servers over the internet. All changes you make are immediately reflected in the database for all other users who are also connected online. If you are experiencing slow performance in Elexio Database you may want to consider a network connection whereby your church can have a copy of the database on your local server. Everyone in your office can connect to the local server for faster performance. Your server will then sync with our server over the internet as frequently as every hour.

This is an option that requires Elexio to setup your Elexio Database to be available to work offline.  If you are unsure if you have this feature activated or you would like to request to activate the offline capabilities, please email us at support@elexio.com

Once your church's account is setup for offline access, follow the instructions below to set up your local server:

Setting up Your Local Server

The first thing to do is setup the local database on your server.  This should be done by your system administrator and only needs to be done once.  To do this:

  1. Login to your server where you want to install the local database.  (We really recommend Windows Server 2012 or 2008. 2003 will work, but is no longer supported by Microsoft. If you absolutely must use Windows XP Pro and Vista as your “server,” it will work BUT Vista is limited to 10 connections!)  Then go to http://www.elexioamp.com/install and click the link that says Elexio Sync Agent.
  2. This will download and install SQL Server Express and then a copy of your database.  This process takes about 30 minutes.  Once it is finished you will be prompted to enter your activation code.  This is the same code you use to install Elexio Database.
  3. By default, your database will be synchronized every 60 minutes between the hours of 7am to 7pm local time every day.  If you ever want to force an immediate sync just press the button Sync Now.
  4. Now each Elexio Database user on your network needs to be connected to your local  server.  We refer to this as “Working Locally.”   You need to know the name of your Server in order to setup each client.  You can click on Start, then right click on My Computer and select Properties.  Your server’s name will be displayed.

Setting Up Each User on Your LAN

Each user on your local area network (LAN) will need to setup a connection to the local database on your server.  You must go around to each computer and login to Windows.

  1. Start Elexio Database and at the Login screen, click Options
  2. Select Network and enter the name of your local server where the database was installed.   The server name can be found by right-clicking on My Computer on the server and selecting Properties.  Enter the Port number which is almost always 1261.  If this is not your port number go to this link for more info:   http://www.elexio.com/support/knowledgebase/kba0008

That’s it!  Now you can click the OK button to login. 

Your connection will be remembered the next time you login so you only have to set this up 1 time.

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