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Access Local Folders on your Mac

A recent Microsoft update may prevent ELEXIO Database Mac users from accessing local folders on their computer. Thankfully, changing the setup back simply requires re-selecting a single checkbox. Please follow the instructions below.

Video Instructions (no audio)

Written Instructions

  1. Open the Microsoft Remote Desktop App (icon at right). You may see a screen mentioning what's new in the latest version. Close this.

  2. Select your connection (it will highlight in blue) then select the Edit button (pencil icon). 

  3. Select the Redirection tab (folder icon).

  4. If it's not already checked off, check the Enable folder redirection checkbox.
  5. You're done! (Your changes are auto-saved, so click the red circle at the top left to close the "Edit" screen).

NOTE: When you connect to ELEXIO Database for the first time after this update, you may see a warning screen asking to 'Make sure you trust the remote computer before you connect.' Check off "Do not ask again" and click Connect. (below)


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