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Last Updated: 11/9/12

Users Automatically Disconnected from Elexio Database for Mac


Elexio Database for Mac uses Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) from Microsoft and connects to the Elexio servers in order to run Elexio Database.   Some churches have reported getting automatically disconnected from Elexio Database after a certain amount of time.  For example, after 20 minutes of working, Elexio Database will suddenly disconnect and shut down. 


Your church has a firewall or router that is causing Remote Desktop connections to terminate automatically.   To test this, use Elexio Database for Mac on a computer outside your church office.  You should be able to connect just fine.


There is a known issue with SonicWall which is a network appliance used in some churches for internet security.  Your network administrator needs to check the "TCP connection timeout on inactivity" setting and make sure it is set to a higher value.  It is probably set to the precise amount of time you are allowed to work in Elexio Database, like 20 minutes from the example above.  ;-)   It has a maximum setting of like 16 hours.

You may have some other firewall or router with a similar setting.  Try googling your router's name and "remote desktop connection timeout" to find info on what setting to look for with your network appliance's software.

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