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Last Updated: 11/11/15

Troubleshooting Mac Installation

Important Update:

As of November 2015, we released a new way of connecting to our Mac Server. If you're experiencing issues with the former Mac installation, we recommend transitioning to our new solution instead. Please find transition instructions at http://help.elexio.com/database/mac/overview. 

The below troubleshooting steps only pertain to our legacy Mac solution. 

Check (or double check):

That you have all of the latest software updates for your Mac.
Just go to the Apple logo in the upper left corner of your screen and select Software Update. If the machine finds updates, you can click Show Details to see the specific updates, or you can click Install and Restart to install all the updates. 

That you have version 2.1.1 of Remote Desktop Connection from Microsoft installed.
Get it here:  Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection 2.1.1If you are running an old version of Microsoft Office (2004 or 2008) then you need to manually delete Remote Desktop Connection.  It's usually located in your Applications\Microsoft Office 2008\Additional Tools folder.  Just drag the RDC folder to the trash.

That you are using Mac OS 10.5 or later
It doesn't work on 10.4 Tiger or earlier.  Sorry.  This would be a good excuse for you to upgrade your OS or get a new Mac! If you are using 10.8 or later, you need to make sure that you go into System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General and select to allow installation of apps from "ANYWHERE" before installing Database.

That you are using an Intel-based Mac
Sorry but we don't support PowerPC-based Macs.  Again, this would be a good excuse to get a new Mac. If you aren't sure what kind of Mac you have then click on the Apple icon in the very top left corner of your screen and select About this Mac.  Next to "Processor" it will have the word Intel in the description. 

That the Mac is not using Parallels
If you do happen to be running this program, we suggest that you download and run the Windows version of Database within Parallels. Available here: www.elexioamp.com/install

Scenarios you may be encountering:

1.) A window came up and asking me for the name of a computer (example: mypc, name, Microsoft.com, If I hit options, it asks for a User name, password, and domain. What should I type?
It is likely that you are not clicking on the Elexio Database icon, but are actually opening the RDC app instead.  The RDC app will automatically load as soon as you click on the AMP Database icon after typing in the activation key.  Then RDC will appear and there might be a prompt that comes up and says allow that might need to be checked and the system will automatically log you in through the RDC connection.

1) Elexio Database for Mac icon looks like this:

The Database login window looks like this:

2) RDC icon looks like this:

The RDC login window looks like this:


**NOTE There IS a way to hard-link to the Database server through RDC, but is not the preferred or optimal method for using the software (See scenario 5)

2.) I received a message saying: The credentials that were used to connect to rdo1.clients.elexio.com are incorrect. Please enter your credentials again
It is likely that your account is not set up successfully. You will need to uninstall and manually delete the rdp file, then reinstall. The rdp file is at: “Documents\RDC Connections\AmpFusion.rdpampfusion” (or the file may be called AmpFusion.rdp) This will force the program to re-prompt you for the activation code.

3.) I am prompted to enter credentials for Remote Desktop
You are likely running old version of Remote Desktop that got installed with Office for Mac 2008 or earlier. Our software can't automatically upgrade the older version of RDC.  It has to be manually removed.  And what's more, the program is not stored in the usual "Applications" folder.  It's in the Applications\Microsoft Office 2008\Additional Tools folder.  Delete and reinstall the Mac Solution. Latest version is 2.1.1

1.Delete the Remote Desktop program - This program may be in your Applications folder OR it could be in the Applications\Microsoft Office\Additional Tools folder. 
2. Also delete this file on your Mac: “Documents\RDC Connections\AmpFusion.rdpampfusion”  (or the file may be called AmpFusion.rdp) 
3. Reinstall the Mac Solution by downloading from http://www.elexioamp.com/install
4. When you are prompted for the initial activation key, enter it

4.) I am having trouble running the software because I am using Parallels on my Mac.
If this is the case, we would recommend that you download the Windows version of Elexio Database and run it though Parallels instead of using the Mac Solution. You can get it here: http://www.elexioamp.com/install

5.) I use RDC to connect to my server to manage it.  Every time I use the Database for Mac app, it wipes out my credentials to my server, then after changing the info so I can get into my server, it wipes out the Elexio credentials.
Here's what you need to do:
1. There is a rdp file on your Mac called ..Documents\RDC Connections\AmpFusion.rdpampfusion   (or the file may be called AmpFusion.rdp). Delete this file.
2. Then start our app like you normally would.  It may prompt for your activation code again so go ahead and enter it.
3. You should get to the login screen of Elexio Database without any trouble. So click the Cancel button to close Elexio Database.
4. Go back to ..Documents\RDC Connections\AmpFusion.rdpampfusion (or AmpFusion.rdp) and drag this file to your Desktop or Dock. Use this RDC file/icon to start up Elexio Database from now on. Do not use our little app.
Since you know how to use RDC, you could enter all the needed info to connect to our server and just create your own rdp file manually. The server will be rd01.clients.elexio.com. You will need to contact us to get the user name and password for the connection.

6.) I am having trouble connecting to your server (firewall problem)
If you have trouble connecting to our server it could be that your computer is being blocked by a firewall setting on your local internet access point. If you are in your church office you’ll need to get your local admin to unblock Port 3389 which is the standard port used for Remote Desktop. Need help with this? Use Google and search for “How to open port 3389” Add the name of your router if you know it for even more specific help.

If you understand how Remote Desktop Connection works and you want to adjust some of the settings in the RDC connection file you are welcome to edit the file which is called: “Users\(your name)\Documents\RDC Connections\AmpFusion.rdpampfusion”(or the file may be called AmpFusion.rdp)

Just click on it and then immediately press the Cancel button when it tries to connect. Then in the RDC menu at the top, click the File, Edit a connection option and select this file. You will see all kinds of settings that can be tweaked.

7.) When I enter an activation code for initial login to Database I get a message that says "Error authenticating with server. Error: 2. Your account is not yet activated for running this program. Please contact our support team to activate your account. support @elexio.com or 717.689.8000 option 2"
Most likely you have entered a code that is not recognized by our servers. Make sure that you are using the correct code for first time login. This should have been emailed to you when you purchased Database.

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