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Last Updated: 02/13/15

Bug Fixes and Feature Requests

Bug Fixes

We define bugs as "features that don't work as we designed them to work."  If you encounter something that you think may be a bug, please let us know in a support request (support@elexio.com). The more detail you can provide us, the more likely we'll be able to diagnose the source quickly. (For example, make sure to include the specific steps you've taken just before the bug occurred, as well as any error messages you may have received). If the bug is in a report, please tell us which report and the details of what's wrong.  For example, "FCR3101 is not showing John Smith but he should be included."  If we determine a reported 'bug' is actually a feature request, please see the Feature Requests section below.

How long will it take until a bug I report has been corrected?

Our overarching goal is that you have a long-term positive experience with our software. When we find bugs, we do our best to prioritize them around a number of criteria, such as how severely the software is affected, how many clients are affected, the availability of good work-arounds, etc. 

Bugs marked as Critical (catastrophically affecting multiple aspects of our software and all of our clients) will shoot to the top of our priority list and we will work around the clock to fix them as soon as humanly possible. All other bugs are prioritized around the criteria listed above. Since we release updates once per month, the minimum turn around time for non-critical bugs is at least 2-4 weeks, depending on when it's reported. We must create the fix, thoroughly test it, update our Help material where necessary and schedule it for publishing. Some issues may take months to fix, or may never be corrected.

Certain issues may never be corrected? How can you say that?!  We weigh whether to fix issues very carefully, but sometimes choose not to fix certain (usually obscure) issues so we can spend our time developing new features that will be a much larger benefit to both you and the other organizations we serve. Not even Apple or Microsoft, with thousands of employees, fix everything.   Sometimes the best decision is to let an old version die in favor of something totally new.

What can I do if a bug that's important to me isn't fixed as quickly as I would like?

We value your feedback. If something's not corrected in a time-frame that seems reasonable, please let us know. We'd be happy to review the status of a given item and see if it warrants being escalated. We may also be able to suggest work-around solutions. That said, it's important to understand we serve thousands of churches. We live in the constant tension between enhancing our products and fixing bugs in a way that best accommodates the largest amount of clients. That's no easy task and as our list of suggestions and fixes, like any good software company, exceeds our ability to address immediately. In light of the above, please know that we'll do our best to accommodate your needs as much as is reasonably possible. 

How will I be notified if a bug I reported is fixed?

We'll do our best to send you a notification within the support request where you reported the bug. In addition, you can check our release notes for current and historical bug fixes and enhancements.

For Elexio Database and Check-In, look within Elexio Database, click on Help/Revision History

Feature Requests

We value your feedback and appreciate hearing what's important to you. If there's a key feature you'd like to add, we'd like to know it. We receive requests like this almost daily.  We log all of these.   We have hundreds, if not thousands, of ideas thanks to our users and we wouldn't want it any other way.

While we welcome all of your feedback, it's simply not possible to accommodate every request. We constantly have to prioritize and re-prioritize which enhancements to add to our software; a very challenging task. Generally, here’s how we handle it:

  • We typically do a constant stream of easy, quick enhancements that have a significant boost in client satisfaction for most of our clients.

  • All other requests are grouped into major areas of functionality. As our lead team directs, we revisit different areas of our software and use all that good feedback to inform larger-scale enhancements. For example, the release of Events Management into Elexio Database was the culmination of years(!) of requests and ideas.

We typically don't provide timelines when enhancements will be released. (Like projects around your home, new features often require more time than initially expected, and we don't want to cause any unnecessary disappointment). That said, we usually email a newsletter quarterly with announcements about new releases and what we're working on next.

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