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Last Updated: 4/20/15

Errors Installing or Updating Database and Check-In

Please use the following instructions when confronted with issues installing or updating the program files for Database or Check-In - particularly if you've received the below errors

  • Network resource is unavailable
  • 'databaseinstall.msi' file can't be found/accessed

Installation or update issues are typically caused because your Computer User Account is not set up as an Administrator on a Domain network. Also, certain group policies and more restrictive UAC (User Account Control) configurations may introduce additional challenges. 

  1. From your Windows Start Menu please type "Run" in the Search box and click the Run item that appears. The keyboard combo of Windows Key + R can also be used to launch this application.
  2. After making sure any existing text in this window is removed, paste one of  the following in the text box depending which Elexio application you're working with,
    C:\ProgramData\Elexio\Amp\Application\AmpUpdater.exe /database
    C:\ProgramData\Elexio\Amp\Application\AmpUpdater.exe /check-in
    (These RUN commands are not case sensitive.)

  3. Click OK to run Open and Run this command.
  4. If you are not an Admin User on your machine, at this point, a window requesting Admin credentials will likely appear. If you don't know this login info, you will need to contact your IT staff for additional assistance.

If the above steps don't solve the issue, check Updating Database and Check-In, to ensure your Antivirus/Security services aren't preventing your Elexio solutions from running.

If you have any questions or concerns as you work through these instructions, you're also welcome open a Support Request or call our Support line at 888-997-9947x2.

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