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Last Updated: 3/27/15

Elexio Supports Multi-Site Churches!

Our primary focus at Elexio is serving churches that are progressive, outreach-oriented and growing.  A large percentage of these types of churches have adopted the multi-site model and we see no slow down in this trend.  We believe in the multi-site model of Kingdom expansion.  It’s a great solution that solves many problems.  However, multi-site churches face enormous administrative challenges and complexities that non-multi-site churches do not have to worry about.  So the challenge for us as a software company is to figure out how to keep our software simple, yet powerful and flexible. 

Here’s a few tips:

  1. In Elexio Database, we allow you to enter all of your sites.  We call them “campuses” like you probably do.   The first thing you should do is add all your sites/campuses to the software.   To do this, click on Administration, Codes, and then select the “Campus/Locations” code type.   To add a new campus, click on Common Tasks, Add New Code.

  1. You should have one code already displayed called “Main Campus.”  You are welcome to change that.  Just click on Main Campus in the list on the left.  Then in the middle of the screen change it in the Code Field.  Your change will be saved automatically when you leave the screen or click on a different campus.


  1. The next thing you should do is select which campus all of your people belong to.  This is done on the People screen.   Just click on People at the top, then search for a person and change their campus appropriately.  It will be a tedious job to get everyone set correctly at first, but it will become a routine maintenance issue as you should be setting it every time you enter a new person in the database.


  1. The next thing to consider is whether your small groups and ministry teams should be coded according to a specific campus.  We don’t yet offer the ability to code small groups and ministry teams by campus, BUT we do offer the Zone field and many churches are using it for the same purpose as the Campus field.  You’ll need to add the same Campuses to the Zone code list.  See step 1 above except select the Zone code type.


  1. Once you have all your people and groups and ministries coded with the correct Campus, now we can talk about reports!  We’ve tried our best to include the ability to filter reports by Campus.  Using the Report Filter tab on most reports will allow you to do this.  If we’ve missed a report, just let us know.  Send an email to support@elexio.com and tell us you’d “love to have the Campus field added to report _[insert Report code here like “FCR3101”]__”

Or with FCR reports it looks like this…

There may be other things you’d like to see our software do to support multi-site churches.  Please don’t hestitate to ask.  We are constantly making improvements based on user feedback.  Just send an email to support@elexio.com and give us the details.  While we can’t promise we’ll accept your suggestions, please know that your input matters a great deal to us.

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