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Last Updated: 4/8/2016

How to Install and Configure the Elexio Sync Agent


The Elexio Sync Agent runs as a Windows Service and regularly synchronizes the Elexio Database located on your local computer with the Elexio servers.

Because it runs as a service, it is not necessary to have one of the Elexio applications running in order to keep your data synchronized. This service was designed to be used on a database server in a LAN environment but can be used on individual computers if they are connecting offline.

The Elexio Sync Agent Setup program will install the Sync Agent Service and the Sync Agent Control Panel. Use the control panel to view the status of the service, view the sync history, as well as launch the advanced synchronization tools.

Security Note: Creating a local copy of your database creates a new potential security issue that you must manage carefully. Someone with (1) a strong understanding of SQL databases and (2) access to a local copy of your data file could potentially access your data. Even if such access occurred, credit card and bank account information is encrypted and would not be readable. Still, we strongly recommend that you carefully monitor all offline copies of your database and remove any that are not in use.

1. Installing the Elexio Sync Agent

When installing the Sync Agent you need to be logged in as an administrator of the computer. This is only needed for the initial installation, setup, and management of the Sync Agent, it is not required for when Elexio Database and Elexio Check-In are used (though is highly recommended for them as well).

  1. Go to account.elexio.com and log in.
  2. On the Dashboard page, under Your Products > Elexio Database, click on My Elexio Database Details. 
  3. On your Database Details page, next to Offline Access, confirm that offline access is enabled for you. If not, click "Request Setup" to contact Elexio support.
  4. When Offline Access is enabled, click the "Install Elexio Sync Agent" link.
  5. Once the download is complete launch the file
  6. Follow the on screen instructions to install the Elexio Sync Agent
  7. Once the Sync Agent Control Panel launches, click Stop Sync Agent Service (found in the top right corner)
  8. Click Close

2. Get Initial Copy of the Database 

After installing the Sync Agent you need to get the initial copy of the database from our servers. This process can take 30+ minutes to complete.

  1. Open the Start Menu, go to Programs – Elexio, and click Sync Agent Control Panel
  2. Click Open Sync Tools (bottom left corner)
  3. Click Sync Now
    1. If an error screen pops up during this process open a support ticket at account.elexio.com or email support@elexio.com with a screenshot of the error and the text from the status messages box
    2. Click Close

3.  Test Automatic Sync        

After the initial copy of the database is downloaded you need to test the automatic sync process to make sure it is working correct. This is to be sure your data is kept up to date with our servers. It is very important that this is working.

  1. Click Start Sync Agent Service (top right corner)
  2. Wait 5 – 10 minutes for the automatic sync process to run
  3. Click Service Sync History
  4. Once the Sync History Log has opened, scroll all the way to the bottom.
  5. Check if there is a Synchronizing database...Failed! message look up a few lines if there is an 'Auto-Proxy Configuration'error
    1. If there is follow the direction here - Information about fixing this issue is available here if necessary.
    2. If there is a different error copy the entire Sync History Log and submit a support ticket at account.elexio.com or send an email to support@elexio.com

If the log says Synchronizing database...Success! or Synchronizing database...Complete! all is good

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