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Last Updated: 5/31/13

Errors Installing SQL Server Express


Amp Replication uses Microsoft SQL Server Express for offline databases synchronizing with the Elexio Servers. The installation of SQL Server Express is done silently when offline access is initially set up on the client computer. This is done because there are certain settings that are automatically configured by our installation scripts that are required for SQL Server Express to work with the Amp Replication processes. Because this is a silent installation, error messages are hidden and the user is only notified on a Pass/Fail basis.


If you are experiencing trouble installing SQL Server Express, you can start a manual installation to determine the exact cause of the failure. You can perform a manual installation as follows:

  1. Start the SQL Server Express installation
    1. For 32-bit operating systems, browse to http://install.pdslive.net/tools/sqlexpr32.exe
    2. For 64-bit operating systems, browse to http://install.pdslive.net/tools/sqlexpr.exe
    3. Click Run when prompted


Any errors will typically occur during the initial phase of the installation and will include details such as error codes and additional information. These prompts will help resolve most installation issues.


IMPORTANT: Do not fully install SQL Server Express manually as it will not be correctly configured to run with Amp Replication. If you get to the screen called Welcome to the Microsoft SQL Server Installation Wizard, then most likely everything is OK. Press 'Cancel' at this screen and allow the Amp application to install and configure SQL Server Express.


Common Issues

Microsoft SQL Server requires a that number of patches be installed on the computer prior to installation. Typically these patches are automatically downloaded and installed on a regular basis using Windows Update. The following conditions would prevent the patches from installing:


  1. Automatic Updates are turned off.
  2. The Operating System has not been activated. Windows Update will not install patches on a computer whose operating system has not been activated. You can tell if there is a set of keys in the lower right corner in the system tray. You can click these keys to start the activation wizard.
  3. The computer is new and has never been updated. This can occur when there is limited internet access or when using a MAC with Database or Parallels. In the MAC scenario, the Windows Operating system may not be the primary operating system and automatic updates may not have had the chance to download due to insufficient time logged into the Windows OS.
  4. An attempt was made to install SQL Server Express on Windows XP before SP2 was installed and you get an error stating that an installation package for the product Microsoft SQL Server Native Client cannot be found.
    1. Download the SQL Server Express installation from the above links and select 'Save'
    2. Execute the downloaded file with the /x switch and extract the setup files to a folder like C:\SQL Express Setup
    3. Navigate to this folder and double click the sqlncli.msi file in the Setup folder
    4. Retry the replication setup


If you continue to experiencing issues with the SQL Server installation, go to Start > All Programs and click on the Microsoft Update or Windows Update icon to search for available updates.

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