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Last Updated: 10/19/2016

How to Find the Microsoft SQL Server Express TCP Port


Elexio Check-In and Elexio Database can connect to a database on another computer/server on your local network provided that:

  • The computer exists on the same network
  • The computer has been configured for offline access and has synchronized at least once
  • You know the name of the computer and the IP Port used by SQL server

This document describes how to find the IP Port number on the computer where the local database is.

  1. On the computer that has been configured to work offline, go to Start: SQL Server Configuration Manager or on some servers MMC.exe and load the SQL Server Configuration Manager add-in.
  2. Expand the SQL Server Network Configuration node
  3. Click Protocols for AMPOFFLINE
  4. In the right-pane, double-click TCP/IP
  5. Click the IP Address tab
  6. Scroll to the bottom and look for the value in the TCP Dynamic Ports field under the IPALL node
  7. Write this number down because you will need it when setting up other users on your network to connect to this computer.

Can the port number be changed?

  1. Yes. By default our Amp software tries to set this port number to 1261 just so that there is a consistent port number across all our users, but there's nothing special about this number. It could be almost any number.
  2. If 1261 is not available SQL Server will dynamically assign a port number which is guaranteed to be available.
  3. You can change this number but If you do, you will need to restart the SQL Service. You should then recheck the dynamic port again to make sure SQL didn't dynamically assign another port.
  4. Regardless, whatever port number you use, it must be the same port that is set up at each Database and Check-In client when you select a Network connection at login.
  5. You must also open this port number for 2-way traffic on your firewall. Most church IT admins don't block this port by default. But some heavily secured networks do. If you are in charge of your church's firewall and you aren't sure how to open specific ports then we recommend you try searching google.com for the name and model number of your firewall/router and the terms "open port".
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