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Last Updated: 4/10/15

Offline Access to Elexio Database

Please Note: If you are doing a DIY conversion with our Data Conversion utility,  you should not set up to work offline until you have finished the conversion process.


We do not set up offline access to your Elexio Database unless you ask. Offline access is best for these situations:

  • You have to run Database or Check-In in a place where you have no internet (or poor internet), or
  • You have a very large ministry and the technical help to configure a server on your local network.

When you are set up for offline access, we will send a link to install a copy of your database on your local server. This is an easy-to-use tool that automatically keeps your local database in sync with our server every hour.

Once you have your local copy of your data in place, you will want each user to switch their Database connection to your local server to maximize performance.

if you are getting data converted or using the data import utility as part of your setup, offline access cannot be set up until after your data conversion is complete.

Security Note: Creating a local copy of your database creates a new potential security issue that you must manage carefully. Someone with (1) a strong understanding of SQL databases and (2) access to a local copy of your data file could potentially access your data. Even if such access occurred, credit card and bank account information is encrypted and would not be readable. Still, we strongly recommend that you carefully monitor all offline copies of your database and remove any that are not in use.

More specific technical details are available under Other Stuff > Offline Access in the menu at left. First, read carefully Install and Configure Sync Agent.

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