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Last Updated: 11/9/12

Resolving Access Denied Errors in Microsoft Windows Operating Systems


In Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, and Windows 7 the local application settings are stored in a protected area of the operating system and are shared between Amp applications. This can result in Access Denied errors especially if you have multiple users on the same computer.


To fix this problem, you must relax the permissions on the shared folder as follows:

  1. Click on the Windows Start button
  2. Click on Computer
  3. In the address bar at the top type in C:\ProgramData\Elexio
  4. Right click on the Amp folder and select Properties
  5. Click the Security tab
  6. Press Advanced
  7. Click the Owner tab
  8. Click Edit
  9. Click Other users or groups...
  10. In the box entitled 'Enter the object name to select', type Everyone
  11. Press Check Names
  12. Ensure that the name Everyone was underlined and press OK
  13. Check the box entitled 'Replace owner on subcontainers and objects'
  14. Press OK
  15. Press OK at the notice dialog
  16. Press OK to close the Advanced Security Settings window
  17. Press OK close the Properties window

Repeat these steps for the C:\ProgramData\Elexio Check-In folder

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