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Automated Background Checks

National Criminal and Sex Offender Check 
with a SSN Trace (see details below)

Elexio has formed a strategic partnership with Active Screening Faith™, so you can have thorough background checks on your staff and volunteers at low prices with no hassles all done inside Elexio Database via the Internet.

Active Screening Faith™ primarily works with faith-based organizations and specializes in programs that effectively screen key personnel. Their mission revolves around ministry safety along with child, youth and special needs adults.

  • Why are background checks so important?
  • What type of search should I use for a volunteer that works with children?
  • Is a driving record important to search?
  • How often should we do background checks and who should be screened?

These are great questions that Active Screening Faith can easily answer for you.  Visit their website at www.activescreeningfaith.com or Call 866-378-8389.

There is a no setup fee and you only pay for the searches you do.  You will be billed monthly by Active Screening Faith.

How do to Get Started?

Step 1  Click here to  Setup Your Account with Active Screening Faith and    here for the Active Screening Faith Disclosure. The Disclosure you can keep a paper copy once filled out or can upload to the Active Screening Faith site. 

Step 2  Choose a Consent Form from one of two samples:

Then customize it with your organization’s information.  Ask your volunteers to fill out and sign the form. You will use these consent forms and their data to conduct your on-line searches. You are responsible for protecting the applicant data in a safe and locked location.

Step 3  Contact Active Screening Faith for the  Multi-State Coverage Document to ensure that coverage is adequate for your geographic area. If additional services are needed, please inquire with us and we can make suggestions.

Feel free to call or e-mail Active Screening Faith at anytime. 

Phone: 866-378-8389
Fax: 866-552-7326
E-mail:  cs@activescreeningfaith.com
Website:  www.activescreeningfaith.com

What happens after I send my paperwork?

Active Screening Faith will set up your account in their system and reply with your account information. They will also notify Elexio so that your account can be configured so that you can do automated background checks from within Elexio Database.

What Active Screening Faith Service is available?

Elexio offers several packages to meet your background screening needs as well as the individual services listed below:

Protection Package:

  • Multi-State Criminal Search: Searches more than 1 billion criminal records from Counties, Department of Corrections (DOC), Administration of the Court (AOC), national and international terrorism sources. It includes more than 2.1 million photos and searches with a full DOB.
  • National Sex offender Search: Covers all 50 states and Washington, DC.
  • SSN Validation: Validates the SSN to the Social Security Administration’s database.
  • Death Master Index Search: Validates that the SSN presented is not being used by someone reported as deceased.
  • Address History Search: Provides a comprehensive address history related to the applicant’s SSN
  • Alias Search: Providesa list of all names related to the applicants SSN, including maiden names.
  • “Smart Search” (Alias Search): All alias names are searched against the Multi-State Criminal and National Sex Offender Databases.

Confidence Package: includes the Protection Package above and an additional state or county search.

Executive Package:

  • Protection Package
  • Federal Search by District
  • Driving Record
  • Previous employment (up to 2)
  • Education verification (up to 2)
  • County or state searches where necessary (up to 2)

Pennsylvania Act 153 Package:

  • Protection Package
  • PA Child Abuse Clearance Check
  • Pennsylvania Statewide Background Check

Individual Services Available

  • Child Abuse Registry (PA only)
  • County Criminal Search
  • Credit History
  • Education Verification
  • Employment Verification
  • Federal Search by District
  • Multistate Sex Offender Registry
  • SSN Trace
  • Statewide Criminal Search

Last Updated: 2/14/2017

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