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Last Updated: 5/9/13

Recording Attendance Changes

Please Note: With the most recent changes for entering attendance, you may need to give people more permissions than originally intended in order for them to enter attendance.

Event Attendance Status Codes

With the release of the Event Management features, some previously used or custom attendance statuses are no longer being supported.  We have provided you with a tool so that you can easily convert them to a new comparable attendance status.

When you go to the Events tab in Elexio Database, the Merge Attendance Codes screen will automatically appear if you have any attendance statuses that we no longer support. 

You will see the old attendance status listed (i.e. Declined – Sick) you will then choose the new attendance status from the drop down menu (i.e. Declined).  You will also have the option to include a Reason (i.e. Sick). You only need to select a reason if this is something that you are going to track.  If you don’t want a reason to be associated with the new attendance status, then leave the reason field blank.  Reasons are not automatically added when a person responds to an event invitation with register, maybe, or decline.  The reason will need to be manually entered by your staff. You can do this from the People - Attendance & Events screen.

Once the unsupported attendance statuses have been changed, you will no longer see the Merge Attendance Codes screen.  Now your reports will work as intended.   You may need to exit Elexio Database and login again to refresh all the associated codes in your database.

To pull the attendance reason information in a report, use FCR 3212 Attendance Details and add the field option of Attendance Reason.  You can also filter by the attendance reason field on this report.

Please Note: We're sorry for any inconvenience this change has caused you, but we simply have to enforce standard statuses for event attendance.  For example, you can't have 10 different codes that all mean "Present."  Otherwise it causes a lot of confusion and complication in managing the registration process for events, not to mention making reports more difficult!

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