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Last Updated: 12/2/13

Attendance & Events

Elexio Database allows you to track Individual Attendance for services, small groups/Sunday school classes, other classes, ministry teams and events.  Using this feature, you can run reports that show who's been missing for a number of weeks.  You can also use it for event registration and ticketing.  

If all you want to do is keep a general attendance number and keep track of first time visitors, then individual attendance is not what you are looking for. You can enter an attendance summary for specific services through the Enter Attendance Summary link on the Home screen or Administration > Services (under Common Tasks).

If you want to enter attendance for a group of people, use the Enter Attendance Detail option in the Common Task drop down menu from the Event screen or the Enter Attendance Detail link from the Home screen. (For other attendance related considerations, see Tracking Attendance for Children's Ministry).

*note - Add People to this list... does not change existing attendance records.  Changes should be done through the individual profile or by searching for the individual in the attendance list.

You can also enter and modify attendance information for an individual from the People - Event Attendance screen.

Adding Individual Attendance Information:

  1. Go to the People screen.

  2. Click on the Event Attendance tab.

  3. Search by name of individual to find profile.

  4. Click on the option that says "Add New" which is located near the upper right corner & identified with a blue + (plus) sign.  After clicking you can choose to add a record of serving attendance or regular event attendance. After making your selection you will see individual fields for each column.

  5. Click on the Event Date, then select the Event from the Event Drop Down List.

    • The Default Date will automatically appear, usually Last Sunday.  This date has been set from the Data Entry Helps screen.

    • The Default Status will automatically appear.  This status has been set from the  Codes -Status for Events.

      *Note that the Event will only display in the Event Drop Down List when it is on the Events Calendar in Elexio Database.
  6. If this Event requires payment, you can record that information in the Amount Paid column.  This is not linked to the contributions screen since it would be money collected for goods or a service.

  7. Once you've completed the fields it is automatically saved

Event and Attendance Payments

If the event is a paid event (as denoted by the $ symbol on the event line item) the total amount paid and any balance due will be shown on the event attendance line item.  You can see a list of partial payments made by clicking on the $ icon associated with the event attendance line item in question.

Attendance Reports:  Use the Common Tasks button on the upper left side of the screen click on the Attendance Reports link to see all reports associated with attendance for both individual and church totals.  

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