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Last Updated: 03/23/2016

Contribution Data Entry Screen

The Contribution Data Entry Screen allows you to quickly enter contributions by Envelope ID, Name, or by using the Check Reader. This screen makes it very easy to split giving amounts into different funds as well as quickly record contributions for people that give the same amount on a regular basis.

This screen is located under the Common Tasks button on the Contributions Tab of the People screen. You can also access it under Quick Links on the Home screen by clicking Enter Contributions

Important: Access to  Contribution Data Entry window must be configured in security settings. These permission settings are under the People heading in the Security Roles area. Administrators will need to manage security settings to update privileges accordingly.

By default, the "Contribution Data Entry" and "Admin" roles will have automatic access to this new area.

As a stand-alone window, users can interact with the database as needed while simultaneously working with contribution information. 

Quick Start

  • In the Default Contribution Information Column at left, select a date, giving method, fund, and tag** and comment. You may also want to check the box to auto populate with the last contribution information. Checking this box will keep the information the same to make it easier to quickly enter many contributions of the same kind taken at the same time.

*note - the default contribution information will only auto-fill when a New Item is added.  

  • In the Contribution Detail area, select either check reader, envelope ID or Name. For Envelope ID or Name, place your cursor in the drop-down box and begin typing out a name or envelope number. This area will filter your results as you type
  • After you've selected a person or envelope number, use the TAB key to jump to the Total Amount box and enter the amount given.
    • NOTE: if a person has previous giving records, this area will auto-populate with the same amount and designations as the last time they gave. This saves you a step for people that give the same amount on a regular basis.
  • Use the lower area to split a contribution into different funds. 
  • If everything is correct hit the ENTER key. Your contribution will be recorded and the Name/Check ID field will be automatically selected so you can quickly begin your next entry.

** Previously called "Batch". We renamed the “Batch” field to “Tag” so that you can tag a group of contributions however you like (not just by date). We recommend that you not create a new tag for each week but instead create generic tags that can be reused each week.  For example: 1st or 9:00 would represent your first service, 2nd or 11:00 would represent your 2nd service, and North 1st would represent your North Campus 1st service.  That way you can use the same tag names each week.


We have changed the name of the main screen tab from "Contributions" to "Data Entry". Despite the name change, this tab functions essentially the same as its predecessor.

Hover for address

When selecting someone for a contribution entry, mousing over their name will now display their address. This will assist you in finding the right person when you have multiple entries with the same name.

Comment field added to Default info and cascading comment structure

Comments cascade from "Default" to "Total" to "Split". Each subsequent comment takes priority over and overrides that last.

  • If the Default comment (priority 3) is filled out, but the other two are blank, the Default comment will be the one that is associated with the contribution
  • If the Default and the Total comment (priority 2) are filled out, Total will override Default
  • If the Split comment (priority 1) has something in it, it will override the Total and Default comments
  • If the Split area has two lines, but only one has a comment in it, that comment line will be kept, and for the other line will adopt the next priority comment (Total or Default). It will not duplicate the comment.

General Reminder: All comments are visible to the end donors via the Portal!


We have added a PENDING tab. The "Pending" tab is where you can modify any info in any of the fields.

For example, after you scan a batch of checks, this screen allows you to link (or unlink) the checks to/from the proper accounts and will allow you to add / modify the values of the the checks. You can also use this tab to split donations, modify fund(s), and add / modify transaction comments if needed.

Once you hit Confirm, all of your pending entries are processed and sent to the "Summary" tab.

*Note - you can select which transactions you want to confirm by using the column filter icon.  Exp. you can filter based on name(s), date given, giving methods, etc.  Once you've filtered, you will only see those transactions listed and when you select confirm your Confirm Pending message will only reflect those filtered transactions. 

After that point, contribution info cannot be modified. The "Summary" screen is no longer editable (as it was in the last Contribution Data Entry Screen). You can still use the "Summary" tab to generate and print reports.

To make changes to info in an entry on the "Pending" tab, click the plus icon next to a name, that will expand the entry and reveal the editable info.

If you want to split a transaction, you can click the blue plus icon to add a fund, then you can manually split the original donation between the funds.

Use the "All Items" radio button (lower left corner) to reveal the entries made by other users. You have the ability to filter this to display only certain users. General Note / Recommendation: If multiple people use same login email (Ex. your staff shares one login email to use the software), you won’t be able to see who posted what, so we recommend each user use unique login email credentials when adding or modifying contribution information. 

Also note, there is no ability to run reports on the "Pending" tab outside of the tab itself - meaning that you cannot open the database and generate a report about what contributions you have pending. To get that report, right click in any column header on screen to get report of all that is pending.

Recent Additions

Sort By Fund

To sort contribution data on the Pending screen by fund, select the fund you'd like to filter by from the dropdown Fund menu at the top of the screen under Quick Filter. If you would like to filter by comment, you can type the comment in the Comment quick filter field and your contributions will be automatically refined to show only entries with that comment.

Please Note: External filtering needs to be cleared before you can proceed with confirming transactions that are being processed electronically.

When the Pending Review screen is filtered by these options, you will not be able to hit "Confirm" when the "Process Checks Electronically" box is also selected.

When "Confirm" / "Process Checks Electronically" are both selected, and this filtering is in place, a message will display directing you to clear the external filtering before you can proceed.

Pending Totals

You can view a summary of your pending transactions (before hitting confirm) under the Pending Totals tab.

Giving statistics are divided and displayed by Fund, Giving Method, Tag, and "Created by". 

This tab will allow you to get a quick overview of the data on the pending tab before you confirm it.


"Summary" tab is now only for review

Information on the "Summary" tab can no longer be edited. All desired changes must be made on the "Pending" tab before hitting the Confirm button.

Note regarding checks:

On the "Summary" tab, by default, only the check front is displayed. In the "show field chooser" box, there is an option to show the check back. You can pull it out by right clicking on the column header, selecting check back and dragging it into the header row.

If the check back column is blank, it’s because the check was not processed electronically. Back images are only captured when a check is electronically processed. This also applies to the "Contribution" area of the "People" screen in the Database.


Export tab handles Quickbooks

The Quickbooks export function was moved from the "Summary" area and is now under this tab. The functionality is essentially the same. More information about exporting data to Quickbooks.

Electronic Check Processing

You may process scanned paper checks electronically!  When using a check scanner, you will notice a check box that says "Process Checks Electronically." This only appears if your church is setup with Elexio's Financial Processing Services (FPS) and you have turned on eChecks as an acceptable payment method. (We do not support any other third party payment processors for this feature including Vanco.)

If this box is checked, when you scan a check and press Save, it will be put in a queue to be processed electronically (as an ACH payment) at approx 10:00 pm EST each day. This is done in batches every day. 

  1. NOTE: Bill Pay checks (checks sent by a bank on behalf of a person) cannot currently be processed electronically due to bank restrictions. This is also sometimes the case with business checks.

If you are working offline (or on your local server) your database must be synchronized prior to 10:00 pm EST in order to be processed that day.  Otherwise your checks will not process until your database is synchronized with our servers and then not until the next occurring 10:00 pm EST.  As you probably know, local databases are automatically synchronized every 45 minutes.  So if timing is important to you, make sure you get all your checks entered at least an hour before 10:00 pm EST on the day you want them to be processed.


Elexio FPS settles all unsettled transactions on Tuesday, however, it only settles the transactions that were completed by 11:59pm Monday. Anything that is done on Tuesday will not reach the bank until the following Friday (10 days later).

Step By Step Instructions for Electronic Processing of Paper Checks is available here

Batch Check Scan added

In addition to making this feature a separate window, we have also added the ability to handle large scale (batch) check scanning.

With the purchase of the Batch Check Reader, you will be able to rapidly process 50 checks at a time.  Once you have scanned your checks you will manage how they are linked on the new Pending tab.  

Important note: The Amount field will auto fill with the last donation amount UNLESS you remove the default check on the Data Entry tab for "auto populate last contribution information". Check Readers DO NOT read the amount written on the check. That information must be added manually. 

Pricing / more info about supported check readers

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  1. Do I need to have additional copies of the Database open to make changes, etc?
    • Answer = no, you can make changes right in the copy that is already open
  2. Why didn't all Contributor links change to the new linked name?
    • Changing a link on the Pending Tab will ONLY change that entry
    • Future scans of a check with the same routing number & account number will then be linked to the new name
  3. Why is the back of the check not visible when I include the Check Back option on the Summary tab or on People > Contributions ?
    • Only electronically processed checks store the back image
  4. Why can't my check be read by the check scanner?
    • Typically this is due to a fold in the check that prevents the scanner from reading the MICR information at the bottom of the check
      • If using the MagTek scanner you can close the CDE window and search for Demo Programmer and test the check there.  If the MICR Data has any ? Marks that's an indication of where the error is.
      • If you're using the Canon CR-50 you can use the RangerFlex program.  If the MICR Data has any ! Points that's an indication of where the error is. 
    • The CR-50 is not developed to read envelopes
  5. Why does my Confirm Pending total differ from the Pending Tab total?
    • This is due to transaction errors that will NOT be included in the confirmation
    • It should update as soon as you make an entry on any line and tab, click or enter out of the field 
  6. Pending Tab - Once I "confirm" but I don't have authority for electronic processing, will we be able to process the checks electronically later?
    • No, once transactions are confirmed from the Pending tab no other processing/changes can be made.
    • If you don't have "process electronically" permissions you can confirm non-cash transactions and leave the check transactions for the authorized user to process
  7. Why did my CDE screen close when I closed my Database window?
    • While working in the CDE screen IF you close the Database window it will close the CDE screen automatically because they are linked together
  8. Why does it sometimes take 5-10 seconds between each check scan?
    • This could be caused by a couple of factors - 1) Auto populate last contribution is checked and 2) Connectivity
  9. Why can't I select the "_anonymous, unknown on the Pending tab, using the Batch Check Scanner, when trying to link a contributor to a scanned check?
    • Scanned checks will always have identification information such as the donor's name or business name therefore they should not be linked to the _anonymous, unknown profile.  This profile is intended for "anonymous" donations & prayer req.
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