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Last Updated: 4/10/15

Envelope ID Numbers

You may assign Envelope ID numbers to either households or individuals for purposes of tracking contributions by Envelope ID number.  To assign a number:

  1. Click the People link from the Elexio Database Home Page

  2. Click on the Contributions link

  3. Select the person you would like to assign a number from the Search by Name field

  4. Assign your own ID number for the household in the box labeled Household Envelope ID#  or you can click the AutoID button and Database will assign an unused number for you

To enter an ID for an Individual, first check the box "Track this person's contributions separately from the household".  A new box will appear labeled Individual Envelope ID#.  Assign your own number to the field or use the AutoID button.

If you enter a number that has already been assigned,  you will see a red circle with an exclamation point .  Anytime you see this symbol, move your cursor over it and read the message.  In this case, it will tell you the selected envelope number has already been assigned.  You can change or re-use EnvelopeID numbers at any time because Database does not store them with each contribution.    

You may look up people in the database by their Envelope ID number.  To do this, click on Select By Envelope ID# under the Contribution Tasks under the Common Tasks button.  Click the Select By EnvelopeID# link again to toggle the numbers off.

You may export the Envelope IDs to an Excel Spreadsheet or other output format so that you may send the list to an Offering Envelope printing company for printing.  The R1200 Offering Envelope ID Export List will include every household (and each person whose contributions are tracked separately) that have an offering Envelope ID number entered into Database.  If there is no Envelope ID then they will not be included on this list.  Thus, if you want to include a household, make sure you enter an Envelope ID number.  If you want to exclude someone then remove the Envelope ID number.

To run the Envelope ID# report:

  1. Click the Reports Home

  2. Open the Giving folder

  3. Select the list called R1200 Offering Envelope ID Export List (This report is designed for exporting to Excel)

  4. Run Report

  5. Export to Excel by clicking on the down arrow button at the top that says Export Document with a green disk icon on the toolbar. - Select Excel file as your export format

  6. You will be prompted to Save the new Excel file on your computer

Within Excel, you can edit and sort the list or add/delete columns.  Excel also allows you to export the list into many different formats like csv, dbf or xml.  Click on File, Save As.  Then select the output option in the drop down box at the bottom of the save box.

Auto-Assign Envelope IDs to everyone in your database

To auto assign an envelope ID to everyone in your database or delete all envelope IDs, you can go the Elexio Database Home > Options > General Options and hit the "Auto-Assign Envelopes"  or "Delete All Envelopes" button.  Depending on the size of your database, it can take 30+ minutes to assign everyone an envelope ID.  We would recommend that you perform this task near the end of the day when you will not need use your computer for a while.

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