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Last Updated: 03/15/2016

Funds & Fund Groups


Funds are the identified in Administration>Codes and are used to differentiate the purpose of donations (I.e. General, Building, Missions, etc.).  When dontations are entered they must be associated to a fund. 

Fund Code Naming Suggestions

When you have a high number of listed items with complex relationships, naming conventions become very important. In look up codes, this is particularly true for Fund names. (It is also true for Ministries, Groups, Classes, Automated Emails, and even Services or other events, depending on the complexity of your ministry how many items in each area you have.)

If you have a high number of Fund codes, here are a few items to keep in mind.

  1. Watch out for long fund names: use some basic abbreviations in your naming scheme so that you can easily distinguish between funds in a list using the first 30 to 35 characters. Often that is all that fits in the screen area available to view your fund names (depending on the width of the characters… mmm vs iii).
    Places where fund name length will have an impact include:
    • Online giving designated fund – both website portal and mobile app
    • Reports – selecting funds to show/filter/etc.
    • Reports - headings 
    • (Contribution entry screens usually have more room or a flexible grid)
  2. Avoid common letter combinations for unique entities. (Like “CH”, so that a filter intended to get “Chapel Hill” doesn’t get every fund with the word “Church” in it.) 
  3. The list will affect both what your administrators and also what your contributors see online.

Fund Groups

In addition to making wise naming choices, funds can also be organized by Fund Group. A fund group is simply a logical grouping of funds (I.e. A fund group called Missions could be created to organize the funds Haiti Mission Trip, Blue Ridge Camp, Uganda Church Plant, etc.). To create a fund group click on the blue hyper link labeled Manage Groups as seen below.

That link will open this window...where you can select the "click here to add a new row" link to add a new fund group and adjust its sort if desired.

To add a fund to a fund group return to Administration>Codes>Fund.  Highlight the fund in the column to the left and select the fund groups to which it should be associated.


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