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Printing a Contribution Statement

Contribution related reports can be found on the Reports screen in the folder labeled Giving & Finances. There is a subfolder called Contribution Statements which has several different Contribution Statement formats.   

  • All of the formats are designed to work with standard single or double window paned #10 envelopes.  Just tri-fold the statement and insert it into the windowed envelope.  Then you don't need to print labels.

  • The Report Filter works the same here as it does in other areas of Elexio Database.

R1300 Contribution Statements

R1300 provides statements for everyone/anyone who contributed to the church between the selected dates.  

To print a standard Contribution Statement for an individual, go to Reports > Giving & Finances folder > Contribution Statements folder >

R1300 Contribution Statements:

  1. On the Quick Filter tab

    • Enter the date range to print.  

  2. On the Report Filter tab

    • Contributors to include: Selected

    • Right click and choose clear all

    • Select the individual from the list

    • Adjust any other settings

    • Run Report.  

  3. If you have multiple people with the same first or last name entered, you may have to scroll down through the report to find the Contribution Statement you would like to print.  If this is the case, note the page number of the desired Contribution Statement, click on the Printer icon with the question mark above the report, then enter the desired page number in the Page Range field before printing.

    NOTE: Contributions counted for the year are cut off at midnight on 12/31.

R1300 - Other Options

To Print a Contribution Statement with Pledges:

In addition to the steps listed above, use the Primary Pledge Information to select up to four Pledges for which to display records. Select the Pledge and select the date range. 

To ensure that you only print statements that include pledges, under the Report Filter tab, check Yes next to "Only include contributors that have made a pledge?"

To print Contribution Statements including people who have opted out of paper statements.

For PORTAL users who retrieve their own contribution statements online, we have given them the option to opt-out of receiving printed giving statements.

In R1300, on the Report Filter tab, there's an option to "Exclude contributors who have opted out of paper statements." This exclusion is set to Yes by default. However, If you want to produce statements for these people, switch this option to No.


Who Opted Out Of A Printed Statement?

You can use reports FCR 3101, 3301, and 3302 and add the field  "Print Statement?' which would allow you to filter by people who have opted out of a printed statement.

Other Contribution Statement Reports:

R1026 Contribution Summary: Contribution summary for everyone who contributed between selected dates. Lists the total amount given towards each fund, does not list contributions individually.  Does not include funds that are not tax-deductible.

FCR3302 Contribution and Pledge Summary:  Lists the total amount given towards each fund.  Any Pledges made to the selected Pledge fund are listed at the bottom.  Does not include funds that are tax deductible.  If you want to limit the report to only print those who have made a pledge, then use a filter with the Pledge Exists field.

Pledge Dates: All tax-deductible contributions made during the selected date range will be listed on the statement, including contributions towards a pledge.

Pledge dates are different since this section is not used for tax purposes but more of a way to communicate to the individual how they are doing towards meeting their pledge goal.  You can set a pledge default date from Data Entry Helps.  It is very important that you use the entire pledge date range when including pledge information for a report, otherwise you run the risk of excluding people who made a pledge after the initial start of the pledge.  If you only use the current year then pledges that were established during the previous year will not show on this report.  Same goes for including contributions towards a pledge.  Only contributions made towards the pledge during the specified date range will be calculated and summarized on the pledge portion of the report.  You want to make sure all contributions towards the pledge is being calculated, not just the current year's pledge contributions.


USPS requirements for "Return Service Requested" location explanation: http://pe.usps.com/text/qsg300/Q507.htm

Why don't my contribution statements balance with my bank/merchant statements?

For reconciling your contribution and bank data, it's best to use the FPS Deposit Statement - R4004 report, which shows each contribution that makes up a deposit. For organizations using other merchant account providers, getting the statements to line up can be a difficult and sometimes impossible task.

Here are a few items to keep in mind when you are trying to confirm that your online contribution statements and your bank, FPS, or other merchant account statements all line up:

  1. Statements can be difficult to "line up" because of the many different dates involved:
    • Contribution date: the date the contribution was intended. It's like the day a check was put in the offering plate.
    • Transaction date that the church sees: the date the actual online transaction was initiated. 
    • Transaction date that the donor sees: the date the online transaction shows on their account (delayed a couple of days for ACH)
    • Settlement date: the date Elexio (or another merchant provider) batches up transactions to be settled with your organization. The weekly settlement day for Elexio is typically Tuesday (batching all transactions through Monday).
    • FPS Batch Deposit date: the date the money for the transactions gets to your bank account.  
  2. Contribution dates are not always the same as transaction dates. Often the date an online contribution is made will be the same as its transaction date (especially for credit cards). For example,
    • A standard recurring credit card contribution set for the first Sunday of each month: typically the contribution date and the transaction date will be the same.
    • But that same recurring credit card contribution may hit a day when a routine technical item results in the processing system being delayed. The contribution date stays as Sunday, May 1 but the transaction date is now Monday, May 2.
  3. This is why we created the Deposit Statement - R4004 to allow you to see exactly what contributions went into any given batch of Elexio FPS deposits. The report brings deposit information and contribution information, each from its own separate system, together side by side. Anything that doesn't correlate is easy to spot. With non-Elexio merchant accounts, unfortunately this is impossible to do.

  4. It is tempting to get general contribution statements and other FPS statements to "line up" (and it often works!). But simple, routine shifts in how online items are processed can throw the reports out of your expected alignment. This can be as simple as bank holidays or more technical like the brief, routine communications interruptions that can happen between processing entities.

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