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How to setup scheduled giving

If you are using Elexio's Financial Processing Services, and you have the appropriate privileges, from the People > Contributions screen, you are able to select the Scheduled Giving tab to add giving schedules to people in your database. Follow the steps below to get started. Please Note: before you can add payments for scheduled giving, you must already have online giving turned on in the Online Giving Options area of Elexio Database.

  1. Find the person you want to schedule giving for on the People screen
  2. Go to Contributions > Scheduled Giving    
  3. You may be prompted to install a patch. If so, click Yes

  4. When the screen loads, you can start by selecting a payment method. If there isn't one on file, you'll need to add one. You can add a credit card or bank account. For a bank account you will need the account and routing number.  The CVV code is not required to process online transactions from this screen
  5. Once you have a giving method selected, designate the gift amount, fund, frequency, the date to begin charging, and add any additional comments  
  6. Finally, choose whether an email notification should be sent to the user 
  7. Click Create

The scheduled giving entry will be added to the record and will look something like this. 

If you have sufficient privileges, you can delete the scheduled giving by clicking the X immediately to the right of the entry. A window will appear asking you to confirm the action.

The scheduled giving tab is linked to the user's Portal account. After entering on this screen, the user is able to modify the giving from Portal.

Recurring Giving Process Timing (as of June '14)

Previously, we had recurring contribution transactions set to initiate 2 days prior to the date that the recurring contribution was set for so that it would complete on the selected date. (Ex. If I’ve set up a recurring contribution for the 1st of the month, the transaction initiates 2 days prior to the 1st , and usually completes on the 1st

Now, recurring contribution transactions initiate ON the date that the recurring contribution is set for. (Ex. If I’ve set up a recurring contribution for the 1st  of the month, the transaction initiates on the 1st , and usually completes on the 3rd)

Bank Statements

Recurring contribution transactions will now show up on statements (for the most part) two days later than they did prior to the change.

Report: FCR3306 Scheduled Giving

Use this report to get lists of all scheduled contributions and their frequency. Choose the scheduled deposit date range, giving method, the funds you would like shown, the sources, and the giving frequencies you would like included.

This report is to be used for forecasting / projection only. For older scheduled giving records, select <No Source> in the Source Menu.

Since this is a field chooser report, you may also modify what fields of information are displayed (name, amount, scheduled date, frequency, fund).

Although it is not required, we recommend that you select the Pattern Definition field under the Field Chooser tab. Grouping by this field displays headers with details of each scheduled giving entry (setup date, amount, fund, giving type). See example below.

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