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Text To Give


To enable Text To Give, we recommend that you are first setup with Elexio's Financial Processing Services.*

Then, your church will need to register keywords to which people can text to give. Go into the Text to Give setup area of your Database, found in Options > SMS Texting Options > Text to Give Settings,  to select keywords and pair them to funds. 

If you want people to be able to text to give to multiple funds, you will need to register a separate keyword for each.

If a keyword is already in use by another church you will see an alert icon and you will need to select another.

*Text To Give will work with other merchant service providers. Users must have some sort of merchant service enabled before using Text To Give. Also note, the Text to Give refund feature will not work with other merchant service providers.

Standard Donation Process

When donors want to text to give, they will text the dollar amount and the appropriate keyword to Elexio's shortcode 301-31 or 30131. (Ex. "$20 CBCGIVE") The order does not matter. Donors can text the keyword before the dollar amount.

Please Note You MUST include a space between your keyword and dollar amount. If you do not, the system will not recognize that you are trying to make a donation.

Note: When a donor texts their donation, the dollar amount can be formatted any way. (Ex. $5 / $5.00 / 5 / 5.00)

Our system will look at the keyword to identify the church / fund and it will look at the phone number to identify the donor. If it doesn't recognize the number, it will ask the donor for a name and email address. If it doesn't recognize the email address, it will create a new entry in the database for that number and email address. (Note: if your database phone numbers are not up to date, this could create a duplicate record. See Handling Duplicate Records).

If it does recognize the email address the donor gives, it will add the phone number to the appropriate record in the database, and will be able to recognize the phone from then on. 

Once the donation is made, donors will receive a confirmation text that the contribution was received.

Tracking new accounts added via Text to Give

Whenever an account is created via Text to Give, that account is given the status of Portal/Mobile, but is not given a role. This means they will not have access to the mobile application or portal by default. Because of this, these accounts also will not display in the home screen smart part. That is only for accounts with a Portal/Mobile security role, which cannot be added via Text to Give.

The Updated By info for those accounts will indicate "Text to Give", therefore you can run reports to find these accounts:

  • CS0123 can be run adding:
    • Updated By > equals > Text to Give filter (unless updated after text to give donation was made)
  • FCR3301 can also be run using:
    • SMS Donation > Giving Method
    • Status > equals > new Portal/Mobile user and
    • Status as of field

First Time / Giving Info Setup

If the system sees that donors are trying to give for the first time and no giving info is set up, the system will send them a link to where they can set up their billing information (debit or credit card only - no eCheck/bank transfer option).

Donors only need to set up payment info one time. They will not be prompted to set up giving info for subsequent donations to the same keyword. For each new keyword after the initial setup, donors will have the option to choose cards they had already added or setup a new one. They will not need to re-enter information for cards already on their records.

Donors will be billed via card information that is set up on their account. Charges will appear on card bills, they will NOT appear on phone bills.

We are not accepting bank accounts at this time.


Users can text EDIT to the same keyword to change the card that is used to pay to that fund or to modify financial info. Within 30 minutes of a donation, they can also text REFUND to the same keyword to refund the most recent donation for that fund. If users want to refund something older than that, they’ll need to contact the church.

*NOTE: If your church is not using Elexio's Financial Processing Services (FPS), the Refund feature will not work. Refunds will need to be managed through your Merchant Account Provider. 

Special Cases

If the system identifies that a number is associated with multiple entries in the database, it will ask the donor to notify the church to sort out the issue.

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Last Updated: 3/4/15

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