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Last Updated: 2/15/2016

Adding a New Person to the Database

There are a two places were you can add new people to the database:

  • At the Home Page, Quick Links, select "Add New Person."

  • At the People Screen, Common Tasks button, select "Add New Person."

In either case you will see a pop-up screen like this:


The first step in adding a new person is to specify to which household or family they belong.  If you are entering a new household, simply type in the name of the household using last name, a comma, then the first name(s) of the head(s) of household.  For example, to enter the household of a married couple, type "Smith, John & Jane."  It is very important to use this format since this is how household names are sorted and viewed.

Before entering a new household, make sure it doesn’t already exist in the database. You will notice as you type the household name, Elexio Database  will attempt to fill-in the rest of the name based on the existing households.  If the household name is already in the database simply press enter or click OK to accept the household name that was automatically filled in for you as you typed.  Or select it from the drop down box.  

After selecting or entering a new household name, press the OK button.  You will be back at the People screen in a new record.  

Elexio Database will automatically fill in the Household Name, Last Name and First name fields.  When you enter the second person in a household, Elexio Database will try to extract the second First Name from the household name.  If there are more than 2 people already in the household, “<FirstName>” will appear in the First Name field. For example:

  1. If you entered “Smith, John”, then “John” will be inserted in the first name field.

  2. If you enter “Smith, John & Jane”, and John already exists, then “Jane” will automatically be inserted in the first name field.  

  3. If a third person is entered in the household of “Smith, John & Jane” then <FirstName> will appear the field.

The first person entered in the household will automatically be given a gender of Male and a Family Position of Head of Household.

The second person entered in a household will be given a gender of Female and a Family Position of Spouse of Head.

The third person entered in a household will be given whatever you select as the default Gender (as set on the Home Page, Options button - Data Entry Helps screen) and their Family position will be set to "Child 1st."

If any of these automatic settings are incorrect just change the data as appropriate.  

At this point you can start filling in the blanks on the People screen in order to complete the person's record.  See the section on General Info.

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