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Last Updated: 12/11/14

Deleting a Person

We recommend that you do not delete anyone unless the record is a duplicate or was entered in error.  Keeping records of all your people even if they have left the church is still valuable info for historical purposes.  You especially do not want to delete people with contributions attached.  If you still decide you want to delete a person with contributions, you will need to go to their contributions screen and individually delete each entry.  You will only be allowed to delete contributions entries if you have permissions.  Please keep in mind that any online transaction entries from credit cards or eChecks cannot be deleted.

To remove a person from the database, go to their file on the People page and click on Common Tasks and select Delete this Person.  You will be prompted to confirm the deletion and you will also be asked if you’d like to remove the person’s whole household.  Click Yes to delete the person and/or the whole family.

If a person or household is appearing on reports or mailing lists that they should not be on, you have other options besides deleting them from your database.  Reports and mailing lists pull information from your database fields, therefore if your reports are inaccurate then your data is inaccurate.  Find the source of the misinformation and correct it within the database.  Keeping your statuses accurate is very useful in recording an individual's commitment to your church.  Adding new statuses for an individual will maintain their status history.

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