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Post-Merge Checklist

Once you have merged your records, here's a couple items to check.

1. Small Group, Ministry Team or Class Involvement - If both people had been involved in the same group, team or class but have different commitment levels (member vs leader) or different start dates, after the merge, the merged records may show as involved in that group, team or class twice.   Simply delete one of the duplicate involvement records on the People--Involvement screen.

2. Attendance Records - If attendance records exists for the exact same event BUT the status is different (signed up vs present vs absent) then duplicate attendance records will be merged and you will need to manually clean these up.  BUT this may be inconsequential, esp if the event is in the past.

2. If the person had an email address in the original that was different in the duplicate AND used both to login to an Elexio product like Portal, Mobile, Database or Website, then you will have to choose which email address is the primary address which should be used for login.  Each person can only have 1 primary email address.  This should be extremely rare. 

Other Notes:

The Activity Log displays a record of all successful merges.   To view which records have been merged, go to the Home screen, click on Common Tasks and select Activity Log.   Look at the section called General Activity.  Expand the details section to view which records were merged.

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