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Mass edit or mass change overview

The Database Mass Edit tool makes it easy to streamline your data maintenance with mass changes of status, groups, mailing lists, notes, follow-ups, and much more.

You can select people you'd like to mass edit on the Dashboard Screen under Common
Tasks (right), or from any report with the Output Wizard. (By default, only the administrative user has rights to make mass edits, though permissions can be granted to other users). 


The existing mass edit options are listed below. In addition, you can undo any mass edit within the last 30 days. 

- Add a Status - Change a Field
- Add to a Mailing List - Remove from a Mailing List
- Add to a Class - Remove from a Class
- Add to a Group - Remove from a Group
- Add to a Ministry Team - Remove from a Ministry Team
- Create a Note - Create a Follow Up Request

The mass edit tool can powerfully enhance Elexio Database workflows and administration. That said, since any mass change can significantly affect your data, it's important to think through, test, and check your results as you begin to use this tool. 

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