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Undo a Mass Edit

You have the ability to undo a mass edit for up to 30 days. The History tab displays mass edits made by ALL users, not just your own. Here, find the mass edit you'd like to revert, then click the Undo button. 

When undoing mass edits, there are a few important things to be aware of:

  • Undoing a mass edit only 'reverts' what specifically was changed. For example, if you had mass assigned a group of people to a certain campus, undoing that change will not affect any other fields associated with an individual's profile that have changed since then.

  • The longer it has been since the mass edit was made, the more risk you have that someone has changed the specific field you mass edited and something meaningful could be deleted.

  • While any mass edit can be undone within 30 days, any triggered actions will not be undone. For example, many churches have set up a trigger to send a follow up letter when someone is given the status of "First Time Attender." While undoing a change of this type will indeed remove that status, it will not remove them from the Unprocessed Follow Up Letters list. 

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