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Automated Background Checks

NOTE: As of 11/15/2016, background checks received significant significant enhancements. For more on what has changed, click here.

Elexio has formed a partnership with SecureSearch Faith™ to make performing and recording Background Checks quick and easy. You can have thorough background checks on your staff and volunteers integrated right into the database, saving you time and energy since you don't have to retype information on a separate form or website to submit to a company. This feature is only available with our Elexio Database system and requires an account to be established between you and SecureSearch Faith™.

SecureSearch Faith™ primarily works with faith-based organizations and specializes in programs that effectively screen key personnel. Their mission revolves around ministry safety, along with child, youth and special needs adults. When you click on the service in the Database you will see the pricing of the package(s) you have chosen.

There is no setup fee and you only pay for the searches you do. Elexio does not charge you for the background checks. You will be billed monthly by SecureSearch Faith.

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How do to Get Started?

(1) Setup an account with SecureSearch Faith.

Setup my account!


(2) Configure your SecureSearch account with Elexio Database.

After your account is setup with SecureSearch Faith, you will need to go to Home > Options > Background Check Options and put in a username and password. (No spaces in your username, please.) Once you have done this, contact SecureSearch with that username and password.  This is different from the SecureSearch login information you received when setting up your account. (Note: This page is only visible if you have the Database Adminstrator security role). 

(3) Ensure your team has permissions to run/view background checks.

Security Permissions for both viewing the background/reference section and requesting a background check using Secure Search are controlled from the Database Home > Common Tasks > Manage Roles screen, Category: People.

For more, see Managing Security Roles.


Running a background Check

Lookup the person on whom you'd like to perform a background check. At the bottom of the the Ministry Assessment screen, click the button for Order Background Checks (shown below).

On the screen that appears, select the background check services you'd like to perform. Make sure to fill out the fields under "Submission Details," such as Social Security Number (SSN). (Note: Elexio does not store SSN and submission is fully encrypted).

For your convenience, we have pre-popluated the address and details of the person's record for you on the Background check screen. These fields can be modified and will not update any fields in the database. Please note if you are doing a county search on a person, the county must match the county that the address is in.

NOTE: If you have questions regarding the necessary background checks for your State, please contact Secure search at cs@securesearchfaith.com or 866-378-8389 or check out their interactive map for recommendations:

Package Recommendation Map


After selecting your package, the price of the background check will display on the bottom of the screen. Double check your work, then click the Place Order button. You should then receive a confirmation screen (below).

*Note Required Information- A middle name is required for the background check. If the person has no middle name, enter "none" or "n/a"  An email address is also required. If they do not have an email address enter "none@none.com"

After placing your order, the Services Ordered screen should appear within 30 seconds. Here, you have the opportunity to process any additional services.



Checking the Status of a Background Check

Once you've placed an order for a Background Check, the status should show as Pending. (Pending requests also will show up on the Home page smart part).

When Secure Search Faith has finished the background check, the status will change to COMPLETE on the person's profile and also on the home page smart part. Select the View Report icon and you will be redirected to the report from Secure Search Faith's website.

(Note: unlike our previous integration, our system will now always link to the most updated report, so there's no longer any need to click 'Process Items' button. This button has been removed). 

Under the Background Check Status column, indicate whether you will pass or fail this person according to your church's policies. You may also put in additional comments and an expiration date.  The background checks on the Home Page Smart part will stay there until you change the Background Status, not to be confused with the SecureSearch Faith Status.


Background Check Reports

You can find any background checks Pending in the Reports area in report CS0102 Background Check Pending. Additional items to report on can be found in report FCR3801 Background Checks.


Important Notes:

In some rare circumstances, the automated report you get from SecureSearch Faith may return results on the wrong person. This can happen when there is a mix up with the Federal Government and the SSN. In that case, please contact SearchSecure Faith and they can run a search manually using the person's name and date of birth. They may then send you a new PDF file. You can replace the file that is saved in the database by right-clicking on the PDF icon. Select Add/Replace to select a different file. Select Delete if you do not want the document saved in the database.


Uploading Background Checks from other Providers

Note: If you are not using the automated background check feature through Database with SecureSearch Faith, you can still attach your own background check documents. They must be in PDF format. It is very important that you first enter and save the background check detailed entry line (without the PDF attachment). After the entry line has been saved, then attach your PDF document and save again.

For further questions about SecureSearch Faith please visit their website at www.securesearchfaith.com or call 866-378-8389

Last Updated:11/14/16

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