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Last Updated: 8/12/16

Automated Background Checks

Elexio has formed a partnership with Active Screening Faith™ to make performing and recording Background Checks quick and easy. You can have thorough background checks on your staff and volunteers integrated right into the database, saving you time and energy since you don't have to retype information on a separate form or website to submit to a company. This feature is only available with our Elexio Database system and requires an account to be established between you and Active Screening Faith™.

Active Screening Faith™ primarily works with faith-based organizations and specializes in programs that effectively screen key personnel. Their mission revolves around ministry safety, along with child, youth and special needs adults. You will need to contact ActiveScreening Faith directly for current prices and make sure you identity yourself as an Elexio client for the best price.

How to Get Started?

If you are using Active Screening Faith for Automated Background checks go here to be directed to our Active Screening Faith getting started page.

After your account is setup you simply lookup the person you want to perform a background check on. Go to the Ministry Assessment Page. Then click the button shown below Automated Background Check. Then enter the person's SSN. Then click proceed. Within 30 seconds you should receive a PDF file on screen that you can review. After reading the report, indicate whether you will pass or fail this person in the status field according to your church's policies.

Security Permissions for both viewing the background/reference section and requesting a background check using Active Screening are controlled from the Database Home Page - Common Tasks - Manage Roles screen, Category: People.

In some rare circumstances, the automated report you get from Active Screening Faith may return results on the wrong person. This can happen when there is a mix up with the Federal Government and the SSN. In that case, please contact Active Screening Faith and they can run a search manually using the person's name and date of birth. They may then send you a new PDF file. You can replace the file that is saved in the database by right-clicking on the PDF icon. Select Add/Replace to select a different file. Select Delete if you do not want the document saved in the database.

Select View or simply double-click on the PDF icon to view the document.

In most cases, the original PDF report downloaded into Elexio Database will be the current report that Active Screening Faith provides. In some cases Active Screening Faith will update an existing report. Since Elexio Database only downloads the original PDF report from ActiveScreening you will need to run an update on all your existing PDF reports.To do this go to the Elexio Database home page - click the drop down arrow next to the process items button and select Recheck ALL items for update. If you open the background check PDF report in the Elexio Database and see that the actual report says the status is OPEN or if the report doesn't match the report on Active Screening's website, then you will need to follow the steps to update your reports.

Note: If you are not using the automated background check feature through Database with Active Screening Faith, you can still attach your own background check documents. They must be in PDF format. It is very important that you first enter and save the background check detailed entry line (without the PDF attachment). After the entry line has been saved, then attach your PDF document and save again.

There is no setup fee and you only pay for the searches you do. Elexio does not charge you for the background checks. You will be billed monthly by Active Screening Faith.

For further questions about Active Screening Faith please visit their website at www.activescreeningfaith.com or call 866-378-8389

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