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Last Updated: 3/8/15

Follow Up Requests

The Personal screen is where you record individual requests and assign tasks to specific people for follow up. For example, on Sunday morning you collect welcome cards during the adult worship service. Those cards may have check boxes for things like:

  • I want to speak with a pastor

  • I'd like to be baptized

  • I would like to speak with someone about following Jesus.

Each of these things require follow up from a staff member or volunteer leader.

Creating a Follow Up Request:

  1. Look up the person who has requested attention.

  2. Make sure you are on the Personal section of the People screen then click the button Add New and select Follow Up.

  3. Sunday's Date will automatically be inserted in the Request Date field. Change it if needed.

  4. Select a Request Type from the drop down box as shown here, if applicable.  (You can customize the list in Administration - Codes if needed.)

  5. Use the Details field to enter detailed information about the Follow Up Request. For example, you could select Send Flowers in the Request Type drop down box, and then enter "Have the flowers delivered to Jane Doe’s home. Her father passed away last Friday.”

  6. Assign the task to someone in the drop down box called Assign To. (This list is populated with all the people who have the Assign Follow-Ups box checked in the Other Options section of the People/General Info screen. Even if you're marked as a staff member, Follow-Ups and Prayer Requests cannot be assigned to you unless this check-box is selected).

    • If you want all staff to see this task, select <unassigned>. It is important that you not leave the Assigned To field blank.

    • Elexio Database 'remembers' the last person a specific type of follow up request was assigned to re-selects that same person when you create of new follow up request of that same type.

    • Note: On the People/General Info screen, before un-checking the Assign Follow-Ups box, you must first reassign any active follow ups assigned to that specific person.
  7. Once you have entered the information, click OK.

Viewing Follow Up Requests:

Whenever someone logs into Elexio Database, they will see their active Follow Up tasks on the Home Page under the My Follow Ups and Prayer Requests section. They can also find a person's profile, select the Personal screen, and view follow up requests here.

Follow Up & Prayer Request Best Practices:

We encourage you to take advantage of the Automation feature in Database to send email reminders of follow-up tasks.  After ALL of the tasks have been entered from last Sunday, run the Automated Processes to send each of your staff members a detailed report listing all their active follow up requests. (Out of the box, Database is setup to do this automatically for you). For more info see the Automated Processes section and the Automated Email section.

Ideally, your staff or volunteers should update each follow up request that has been assigned to them. Just double click on any Follow Up Task.  Under the Follow Up Details section, enter the date in the Follow Up Date field and any action taken in the Details box. For example, enter something as simple as "I called and answered all the questions."  Then, un-check the Active box so that everyone will know that the task has been completed. This will remove the task from the active Follow Up Reports and the reminder on the Home Page.

TIP: Some requests require multiple actions before completion and entering the final Action Date.  Recording this information is important so other staff members know what has been done to accommodate the request.  You may want to add multiple Follow Up tasks especially if there are several steps and several people involved.  But if you want to keep it all under 1 task then the Action Taken field might look like this:

"6/15/12 - Called & left voice mail MRK” [initials of the person making the note]

"6/17/12 - Daughter returned call and Sue is out of town until 7/7/12 MRK"

"7/7/12 - Called Sue and scheduled baptism for 7/12/12 MRK"

TIP: Some Standard Follow Up Requests require you to send letters to the person. For example, let's say someone has requested to be baptized.  You may want to send them a letter with more info about baptism.  You can make Database prompt you to send this letter by setting a trigger on the Administration screen Letters section.  Or you can tag someone to receive a letter manually under the Mailing List section on the Involvement screen.   

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