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Last Updated: 3/8/15


The Notes section allows you to enter ANY info about someone that doesn't fit neatly in another place in the program.  This is a great place to capture interesting facts about people that will help your staff connect and care for them better.  You may want to enter notes on conversations or comments about the person’s situation.  For example:

"John Doe said that he would love to help with our next big project no matter what it is.  He loves the church and can’t do enough for it."

Or "John just moved here from Texas.  He loves to play golf and go fishing.  He is a huge Dallas Cowboys fan."

Notes can be Public or Private.  By "public" we mean that they are visible to any one that uses Database and has permission to view the Notes section.  "Private" means that you can only see the notes you have written that you have marked as private.  However, if you would like all the pastors to be able to view all Private notes for example, you can grant these permissions on the Manage Roles screen.  By default you should enter notes in the Personal area of a user's profile on People screen.  Enter notes that would be helpful for the whole staff in working with the selected person.

To enter a new note:

  1. Click on the Add New button in the upper right corner

  2. Select Note

  3. In the Notes field enter your note.

  4. The note will be automatically linked to last Sunday's date unless you change it. The actual date when you entered the note will also be recorded when you save it.

  5. The Updated By field will automatically insert your user's name.

  6. If you wish to make the note private just check the Private box and your note will be moved to the Private tab.  

  7. The Type of Note will automatically be set to General, but you can change it if needed.

*Note: Salvation and Volunteer Hours not default options

There are several different Notes Types that are system codes.  

  1. General - these are generic notes to be used for no specific purpose 

  2. Directions - this type is included for backward compatibility with our old non-web-based system. 

  3. WebUpdate - this system code is used to log any changes made in the My Info section of Portal.  For example, if someone changes their Home Phone number, then a Note will be added to their record that says something like "Joe Smith changed the home phone from "(123) 123-1234" to "(919) 222-3434"  You can run reports that will show you all the changes that have been made online. 

  4. Allergies, Medical, and Special Instructions (for kids) - will print on the Children's Class Sign In/Out reports so your teachers and volunteers are aware of any health issues.  These note types are also used with Elexio Check-In and will print on children's name badges if you want.  Elexio Check-In only uses the most recent public note for each of these types.  However the printed Sign In/Out sheets will print all public notes.  You can use a custom search or a report filter to create a list of children with specific types of notes.  

You are welcome to add additional notes types if needed.  Use the Administration - Codes screen.

Private Notes are where you want to store sensitive and confidential information that can only be view by person who has entered the notes.  Private notes will never print out on any report.  They are only viewable on screen.  From the Security Roles screen, you can change the Private Notes to allow people with specific security roles to view.

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